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The elusive American marten

Still Waters

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From pizza rat to highway sloths, there’s something about seeing a cute little critter in the wild that just can’t be beat. Unfortunately, these chance meetings between humans and animals don’t always work out great for the animal – which may be why some of the more canny ones prefer to avoid us at all costs.

And the undisputed king of hiding from humans? The marten.

Specifically, the American marten – sometimes referred to as the American pine marten because of its resemblance to its Eurasian cousin of the same name. Living across the whole of the north of the continent, especially in Canada and Alaska, this little weasel likes to hole up in snowy, forested areas such as the Adirondacks in New York. If necessary, their home ranges can be as large as 40 square kilometers (15 square miles) – and yet, chances are, you’ll never see one in person.


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When we say martens are good at hiding, we don’t just mean from your average everyday wildlife spotter. These little guys are infamous not just for evading random hikers, but for outwitting the people whose only job is to find them.


...and yet, here is the Marten, staring into the camera, too bad it's so blurry you can't really tell what it is!  Oh wait...sorry, my bad, I was thinking of the elusive Big Foot.  

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Wow!   I didn’t even notice the Marten in that photo, until it moved.   

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