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ESA’s Vigil space weather mission [updated]


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NASA’s Heliophysics Experiment to Study Sun on European Mission




The Joint EUV coronal Diagnostic Investigation (JEDI) will fly aboard the European Space Agency’s Vigil space weather mission and capture new views that will help researchers connect features on the Sun’s surface to those in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, the corona.
Credits: NASA

NASA announced Tuesday it selected a new instrument to study the Sun and how it creates massive solar eruptions. The agency’s Joint EUV coronal Diagnostic Investigation, or JEDI, will capture images of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet light, a type of light invisible to our eyes but reveals many of the underlying mechanisms of the Sun’s activity.

Once integrated aboard the ESA’s (European Space Agency’s) Vigil space weather mission, JEDI’s two telescopes will focus on the middle layer of the solar corona, a region of the Sun’s atmosphere that plays a key role in creating the solar wind and the solar eruptions that cause space weather.

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  • The title was changed to ESA’s Vigil space weather mission
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Airbus to build ESA’s Vigil space weather forecasting mission


ESA has signed a contract with Airbus Defence & Space UK worth €340 million for the development of its Vigil satellite. From its unique vantage point in deep space, Vigil will greatly improve our early warning of severe space weather events such as solar storms that may cause disruption on Earth.

Today, a declaration celebrating the concluding of the Vigil mission contract was signed by ESA, Airbus Defence & Space and the UK Minister of State for Science, Research and Innovation at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. 

Read More: ➡️ ESA


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  • The title was changed to ESA’s Vigil space weather mission [updated]

UK industry secures leading role in space weather mission

Space Minister Andrew Griffith was in Brussels today (22 May 2024), where he witnessed the signing of a major industrial contract that will see Airbus Defence and Space in Stevenage building Europe’s flagship space weather mission, Vigil.


Space Weather – which recently created displays of the Northern Lights over UK skies - can potentially disrupt technology on Earth and threaten equipment in space and at high altitude, which is why it features prominently on the National Risk Register. 

Due to launch in 2031, the Vigil mission will improve the ability to accurately forecast space weather, with a spacecraft set to be placed into a solar orbit where it can observe the Sun, the Earth and the space in between.

Read More: ➡️ UK Space Agency


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