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Israel's consulate in Munich attacked

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'A wake-up call': Israel's consulate in Munich attacked

An attack took place against Israel's consulate in Munich on Wednesday, according to the consul general of the diplomatic facility.

Tayla Lador-Fresher, Consul General to southern Germany and former Ambassador to Vienna, posted in German on X: “Today an attack was carried out on the Consulate General of the State of Israel in Munich. It is an attack on the symbol of the State of Israel in southern Germany. We would like to thank the @PolizeiMuenchen for vigilance."

She added that “In recent months there has been repeated antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. This physical attack now goes a step further. It is important that this is seen as a wake-up call for the German authorities about where antisemitism and hatred of Israel are leading.”


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History is starting to repeat...

I'd risk a bet that many of these pro Palestine "peace" protesters are/were some of the loudest denouncing hate,while throwing statues in rivers...

They can't even see their own hate and ignorance when in the moment,they have become the very beasts they once said they were against.

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Attacks on Israel embassies in Europe continue:

Airsoft grenades thrown at Israeli embassy in Belgium

An investigation has been launched after a man threw two airsoft grenades at the Israeli embassy in Brussels, Belgium on Friday morning, according to local media reports.

"At about 05:30 on Friday morning, an unknown man reportedly threw an airsoft grenade in the direction of the Israeli Embassy in Uccle,"  a spokesperson for the Public Prosecutor's Office told Belga News Agency. "The investigation is ongoing and in the interest of this, the Prosecutor's Office will not communicate further on this matter," they added.


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