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Ghanaian toddler named world's youngest male artist

Still Waters

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The mother of the Ghanaian toddler officially recognised as the world's youngest male painter has told the BBC of her pride in her son's artistic ability, and hopes he can take the art world by storm.

Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah achieved the incredible feat aged one year and 152 days.

"He already knows what colours complement each other," said his mother Chantelle Kuukua Eghan, who has been an artist herself for eight years.

Ms Eghan said she first realised his talent when he was only six months old.


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I have to admit that I kind of like his paintings.

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So..a toddler/child slops and smears paint all over a canvas and now the kid is supposedly an 'artist'?

I really do not understand this unless the parents are hoping to use the child to make themselves a pocket of money. Granted the smeary messes are colorful but I just fail to see the artistry in something that most children do anyways.

Maybe if I take a canvas and slather paint on my cats paws and have them run all over it I can sell it as artwork done by a cat!

Colorful but, sorry to say (actually I'm not), I just do not see where the concept of art comes in on this.

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