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A Vast, Untapped Source of Lithium Has Just Been Found in The US


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Almost two centuries after California's gold rush, the United States is on the brink of a lithium rush. As demand for the material skyrockets, government geologists are rushing to figure out where the precious element is hiding.

In September 2023, scientists funded by a mining company reported finding what could be the largest deposit of lithium in an ancient US supervolcano. Now public researchers on the other side of the country have uncovered another untapped reservoir – one that could cover nearly half the nation's lithium demands.

It's hiding in wastewater from Pennsylvania's gas fracking industry.



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I thought they were going to say it was Brittney Spears.  She's been into the lithium big time, poor kid.

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This could be very important considering the future need for lithium, if the US auto industry has to turn from gas combustion engines.

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