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Aussie McDonald's Under Fire For Worker Drying Mop in Fries Heater

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McDonald’s worker caught drying mop under fries warmer in stomach-churning video: ‘The McMop is back’

One Big Mac with a side of wet mop.

An Australian McDonald’s employee was caught drying a seemingly wet mop underneath the fry station’s heat lamp, earning the disgust of customers in the store and online.

Debbie Barakat took her son to the fast-food joint’s Booval location, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, on April 4 when she saw the employee casually holding the mop inches from the hot lights and fries.

I was just standing waiting for my order when I looked over and heard a staff member say; ‘I don’t think you should be doing that as it could be a safety issue as it can catch on fire,'” the woman told Yahoo! News Australia.


Full article at source

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I love Australia. 🤣

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Wait... is that wrong?  :w00t:

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Yeah, shouldn't have done that.  I could go for some French fries, though...

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