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Wreckage of US World War Two submarine found after 80 years


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Wreckage of US World War Two submarine found after 80 years


The wreckage of a US Navy submarine that sank the most Japanese warships during World War Two has been found in the South China Sea, some 80 years after it was sunk by enemy forces.

The USS Harder was found 3,000ft (914m) below water off the Philippines' northern island of Luzon.

The Harder was sunk in battle on 29 August 1944, along with its crew of 79 men.

Read More: ➡️ BBC News


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Shipwreck hunters have discovered the remains of a famous American submarine that sank with 79 crew on board while fighting a Japanese warship near the Philippines in 1944.

According to the New York-based Lost 52 Project, which made the discovery, the wreck of USS Harder now lies on its keel on the bottom of the South China Sea near the northern Philippine island of Luzon at a depth of around 3,750 feet (1,140 meters).


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