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Outrage at footage of people singing Nazi slogan at party on German island

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Outrage at footage of people singing Nazi slogan at party on German island

Footage from an elite German party island of people singing a Nazi slogan in place of the lyrics of a disco hit has gone viral and triggered a wave of outrage.

The film shows a group on Sylt in North Frisia drinking and dancing together to the 2001 song L’amour Toujours by the Italian musician Gigi D’Agostino. Some in the group sing an old Nazi slogan “Germany for the Germans – foreigners out” in place of the song’s apolitical lyrics.

Among the participants, who are dressed casually and appear to be holding glasses of Aperol, rosé, and champagne, was one man dressed in an open-necked white shirt who lifts his right arm in an apparent Nazi salute as he imitates the Hitler moustache by putting two fingers above his upper lip.

Both the slogan and the salute are illegal in Germany.


Alternate source link with video:


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The world really is full of hateful idiots.  This guy reminds me of a college student at Ole Miss a few weeks back who was mocking a protester on campus.  She was a young black woman and this punk made monkey sounds at her.  His Fraternity expelled him but I don't know if he was expelled from the University.  He certainly should be.  It is impossible to legislate the removal of hatred in one's heart but it certainly IS possible to remove expressions of it in community-settings.

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That phrase: "everything woke turns to sh!t" most certainly applies here.  The song is getting banned because some people might just sing offending words in place of the original lyrics?!?!  

BTW, this song has over half a billion views on its official YouTube channel. 


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