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Giving koalas a fair shot at survival

Still Waters

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Clinging to a teddy bear that dwarfs her, Tim Tam takes in her surrounds with shiny-eyed wonder and awe from the safety of her crib.

The five-month-old joey, along with mum Tam Tam, will soon check out from Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, returning home to the idyllic eucalypts of Elanora on the southern Gold Coast.

Hers is a genuine feel-good story. Weighing just under a kilogram, Tim Tam is among the 34 healthy joeys born through a QUT-led vaccine project.

She represents another small step towards ensuring the long-term survival of koalas in south-east Queensland and along the eastern seaboard.


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If we keep eating into the koala’s habitat there is only one way the population can go…..and it ain’t up no pun intended…😒

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