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The I-Ching in the modern world

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news icon rSpiritually speaking, have we really come a long way to get to where modern society is today, or could it be argued that in many respects we are still as primitive as our ancestors? It does seem that over the ages, society, government and religion have done everything they can to control people so that most of us accept certain belief systems as the only answer to our questions.

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Where would we be if religions didn't govern our way of thinking? Watch the news and it will tell you.

In the "Western World" people have been taught that they can basically do whatever they want whenever they want, with limits off course. We have tried to make a just and fair world but have just ended up rewarding the lazy and taking hard earned money away from people who accually have to go out and work. Soldiers are sent into forgien countries to fight causes that don't even concern them.

This book will make no difference. getting in touch with the universe bla bla bla is just almost impossible. Human beings are diffent from ever other animal how can you relate yourself to something like an elephant?

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The I Ching/Book of changes has one more name. I have heard it bears the title "Living Book".

The I-Ching is non-judgemental, it does not consider you sinful, inferior, or demand obedience; it simply offers advice as to the correct course of action given a set of circumstances

The second part of this quote I can agree with whole heartedly. I understand that these are the only 3 books so far created by humans that are argued to be timeless. Throughout the ages they have existed; they have spoken to people within every generation.

The first half of the quote I believe is contradicted later in the article.

The time the I-Ching fails the individual is when the individual fails the I-Ching; they fail because they do not build virtue and strong character within themselves.

I don't see a great deal of difference between as being labeled as "not building virtue" and "being considered sinful" . Either way, someone's tapping me on the shoulder saying You haven't done right. So instead of being the hated "inferior" I can fail to build "strong character within".

Since every failure will be mine and never the I Ching's. Who could guide me without demanding obedience. How could they avoid telling me that if only you would do/think/act like they recommend , I could "build virtue and strong character". huh.gif Non-judgemental? wacko.gif

I find your choice of articles very interesting SaRuMan. thumbsup.gif

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