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Mount Everest receives its first ever drone delivery at nearly 20,000 feet

Still Waters

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Mount Everest has received its first ever drone delivery in a proof-of-concept test conducted in April this year. The incredible achievement was a first of its kind mission to use drones to deliver supplies to mountaineers.

The delivery was conducted by the technology company, DJI, in collaboration with Nepalese Airlift, the video production company 8KRAW, and local guides. The drone itself was a FlyCart 30, a long-distance heavy lifter with a maximum carrying capacity of 15 kilograms (33 pounds).

This drone is designed to deliver its packages to less conventional locations; as DJI say, it can ascend “beyond traditional logistical limits”.



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There is a lot of garbage, and sadly corpses as well of mountaineers who had died trying to reach the summit.

Hopefully drone technology can be developed to the point that it can get rid of the garbage, along with removing the corpses so that they can be returned to their relatives for burial.

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