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High-tech kangaroo collars aim to prevent road accidents

Still Waters

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It's a peculiarly Australian problem with potentially deadly consequences—wild kangaroos jumping from bushland on to highways full of moving vehicles.

In the effort to prevent wildlife and human injuries from such crashes, University of the Sunshine Coast researchers have started measuring the hopping movements of smaller native roos called bettongs—to a degree of biomechanical accuracy not seen before.

And preliminary results from tracking data of the new high-tech collars are promising, showing the ability to distinguish between five behaviors when animals are moving around undisturbed.


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It's good they are trying to stop collisions with roos but I can't see how it could work. City people don't realize how many roos are out there. Just on my 25 acre block I get between 50 and 100 roos every morning sunning themselves and one gun shot from neighbors sees them flying across the road out the front.

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