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Fire at famous Bangkok market kills 1,000 animals

Kittens Are Jerks

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Fire at famous Bangkok market kills 1,000 animals

Around 1,000 animals were killed in a fire in Bangkok's famous open-air Chatuchak market early Tuesday, gutting nearly 100 shops.

Birds, dogs, cats and snakes were burnt to death in their cages in the pet zone, which also included rats, pythons and geckos.The blaze was started by an electrical short circuit, authorities said, adding that no human casualties or injuries have been reported.


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1 hour ago, Ell said:

It may have been divine intervention, preventing a USA financed gain of function bacteriophage from infecting and killing millions of cockroach gut bacteria ...

I'm not sure I agree with the US financial gain, but hopefully it is a gain to the poor animals in the long run. There probably isn't much difference between a pet zone, a bush meat zone and a wet market. Another pandemic in the making.

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