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New species of flying pterosaur reptile discovered in outback Queensland fossil dig

Still Waters

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Soaring above the dinosaurs, flying reptiles described as "demonic pelicans" once navigated their way above a vast inland sea covering central Australia.

The 100-million-year-old fossilised remains of one such creature have been identified as a new species of pterosaur, powerful flying predators with wingspans of up to 12 metres.

The remains of the newly identified species were first discovered in 2021, dug from the fossil-rich soils of outback western Queensland by Kevin Petersen, who curates fossil museum, Kronosaurus Korner.



The study is published in Scientific Reports.

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I once asked my acquaintance dr. Who to supply me with a photograph of them flying pterosaurs, but he reacted shifty and mumbled something about his TARDIS being too wet to function near flying pterosaurs. ...

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Demonic pelicans?  Now there's two words I never thought to see in a sentence together.

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