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Underwater sound signals could help solve the mystery of MH370


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I hope we finally get to the bottom of this soon.

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How bad is crashed is not known... if it have remained mostly in one piece, it could have sailed underwater for quite a long time. If it have desintegrated, parts would have dispersed wildly.

Right now, most of these parts are probably buried under a fine layer of sediment. FInding the main wreckage will be by pure luck from a fishing trawler or something.

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Interesting article. What they are saying is that an aircraft like that would have left a signal similar to a small earthquake but no signals were found.
This suggests either it broke up in the air into much smaller fragments to create a smaller signal, crashed somewhere completely different to where the government said, or that it never entered the water.
For now I am going with my original theory that the aircraft had transponder issues and ended up off course and over the disputed South China Seas, where China shot it down believing it to be a military aircraft that wasn't responding, and now a huge cover up is going on because nobody wants to start a WW3 with China.
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