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Victims of a tsunami or human sacrifice?

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Archaeologists have been investigating human bones found near the ruins of a bridge in the Three Lakes region of Switzerland. They seek not only to discover what took place, but also to better understand the Celtic heritage of the region.

A jumble of bones, skulls and wood beams was recovered on the bed of a river. What happened, and who were the individuals found there? The ruins of the Celtic bridge at Cornaux/Les Sauges and the 20 skeletons found nearby have been the subject of speculation ever since their discovery in 1965 during renovations of the Thielle Canal.

Full Phys Org article via MSN:  Link

Geographic origin, ancestry, and death circumstances at the Cornaux/Les Sauges Iron Age bridge, Switzerland.

Scientific Reports

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Interesting articles. The second one is long and technical but from what I read, it sounds like the bridge collapsed on a group of people, mostly male, that had at least a few livestock with them. It was a group of 20. Most were pre-adult and 9 were adult. At first I thought maybe a family unit or part of a tribe moving through but the article also says they traced the DNA of some to western Europe and at least one to southern Europe. I didn't realize that some of the ancestry would be considered as Celtic. I always associated them with northern Europe. Parts of the bridge were found with the remains so I'll go with collapse too. Since there may have been more that weren't killed and went on I would guess a tribe moving through. Some of the others could have been picked up along the way. I wonder what they'll find out.

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Remnants of Smaug's destruction of Lake-town.

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