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You Can Name a (Quasi) Moon!


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You Can Name a (Quasi) Moon!

A new, official competition allows anyone to propose a mythology-based name for a “quasi-moon,” an asteroid that orbits the Sun alongside Earth.


It’s not every day that just anyone can propose a name that will be officially attached to a celestial body, but now’s your chance.

The International Astronomical Union, in collaboration with the public radio station WNYC in New York, is sponsoring a competition to provide an official name for an asteroid, the one known for now simply as 164207 (2004 GU9). This asteroid is currently in resonance with Earth’s orbit, in a way that makes it appear to orbit around us. In reality, it isn’t gravitationally bound to Earth at all but rather orbits the Sun with the same period as Earth. Earth has seven known quasi-moons like this one, of which only one has received a name so far.

Read More: ➡️ Sky & Telescope

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