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Tories ‘held in contempt by the electorate’


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How low the UK has fallen since 2016! Once a proud independent nation, a sovereign country and part of the Europe Union, now not only is our economy tanking, our public services crumbling literally and metaphorically, and our standing in the world diminished; but we are turning into a banana republic. 

The Conservatives have been warned they are “held in contempt” by voters as Rishi Sunak refused to deny more Tory candidates and ministers had placed bets on the date of the election.

As pressure mounts on the prime minister over the Downing Street betting scandal, Dominic Grieve, the former Tory attorney general, said the party was getting what “they deserve” after years of chaos....

Betfair data appears to show a flurry of bets on a July poll placed on May 21, the day before Mr Sunak called the election, including some in the hundreds of pounds and at odds that would have delivered profits in the thousands.

Tories ‘held in contempt by the electorate’ as pressure mounts on Rishi Sunak over betting scandal | The Independent (archive.ph)

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After Sunak promised to lead with 'honesty, integrity, and professionalism':


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