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Importers making ‘deliberate errors’ on forms to avoid border charges


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Under the new border rules, products are categorised as low, medium or high risk. Low-risk products require no checks at all, medium-risk products receive some checks, and high-risk goods even more.

The checks can take several hours and are subject to a number of delays, which can threaten the shelf life of some perishable products or mean missing customer delivery times.

The notice sent out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) said some companies were regularly declaring goods as low risk when they were medium, while high-risk products were being put down as medium. There was also a problem with importers not including export health certificates with meat and dairy products and phytosanitary certificates for plants.

Defra added that it was also aware of importers trying to include multiple export health certificates on common health entry documents, when regulations state there should be only one. Firms could save money by doing this, as importers pay up to £145 for each entry document.

UK says importers making ‘deliberate errors’ on forms to avoid Brexit border charges | Brexit | The Guardian

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