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Ancient Crocodile-Like Reptile Discovered in Brazil

Grim Reaper 6

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A paper published in Scientific Reports details the finding of a new, ancient predatory reptile known as Parvosuchus aurelioi in Brazil. This creature belongs to a group of crocodile-like reptiles called pseudosuchians. Dating back to roughly 237 million years ago, during the Middle-Late Triassic period, this specimen represents the first discovery of a small predatory reptile of its type in the country.

Prior to the dominance of the dinosaurs, pseudosuchians were a common form of ancient quadruped reptile during the Triassic Period (252 – 201 million years ago), with some species amongst the largest carnivores of the time. Smaller pseudosuchians known as gracilisuchids lived alongside these apex predators and have been found in areas such as China and Argentina.


A new small-sized predatory pseudosuchian archosaur from the Middle-Late Triassic of Southern Brazil https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-024-63313-3

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