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The Unbreakable Kryptos Code

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I was not sure which section to put this in so please, feel free to move it if it is not in the right section. 

I really enjoy this guy's videos and didn't see this mentioned here yet so I thought I would make a thread for it. 


An art installation known as Kryptos was inaugurated at CIA headquarters in late 1990. The main attraction was a curved copper screen inscribed with a secret message. Three-quarters of the code have since been broken, but the final segment has resisted all attempts at decipherment. This video chronicles the cracking of the first three segments and examines the many clues that may one day lead someone to decipher the fourth.

So this is basically a code that has yet to be solved. People try every year and the bottom part is still in question. People speculate that the truth will only come out in his passing. Some believe it will be kept by family. Then others think it is all BS and there isn't even a code left to crack, he just wants to keep people guessing. I love the ties between illusion and art here as well as needing observational skills and critical thinking to solve it.


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I suspect the code is “if you’ve solved this, congratulations you now work for the CIA”. 

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Cracked it. It says, "Be sure to drink your Ovalteen":yes:

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