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Unexplained UFO Related Experience

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I have for quite a long time now, wanted to share the following experience with someone, anyone, but for fear of ridicule or lack of understanding, I have never done so. there is one other person of whom I am aware of that had the experience with me but I do not know who he is nor what his name is. as you read on you will understand why.

      Back in 1981, when I was about 18 years of age, I found myself  hitchhiking to California to try and find some of my relatives who I had'nt

seen for at least a year since my mother had died. Now, i'm not exactly sure what part of the country I was in (it's been so long now) but I do believe

it was either in New Mexico or in Nevada. I remember sitting on the side of  the highway on my suitcase waiting for a car, any car to go by and to get a  ride from. It must have been around 10:00 pm, the sky was exceptionally clear and no cars had gone by for about the space of an hour or so. I'm

tempted to say that I believe it was highway 10 that I was on, west bound.

      Then a car finnaly approached. It stopped and I remember that it was  an older looking model, i believe it to have been a Ford Galaxy 500. I

looked in through the passenger window and saw a man driving who appeared to be in his mid-30's. I said to him,"i'm heading to California, can you give

me a lift?" He nodded, so I got in and we began to drive down the freeway. Now, as we drove for about the space of 5 minutes or maybe even less, I

looked in the direction to my left at about what would be between 10 and 11 o'clock and I was immediately exited and shocked to see way on the other side across the freeway a huge mountain range lit up by what I can only describe as lights that looked like "sparklers" you know, the kind we used

to play with at Christmass time, the kind you would light with a match and would create alot of sparks. Well that's exactly what they looked like. I  say "they" because there were about 12 or 13 of them lighting up a huge portion of the mountain range. But the sight was even more peculiar because, they seemed to be going up and down at different intervals, almost as if  they were trying to land but could'nt make up their minds whether to do so  or not. Of course, I immediately yelled out and pointed out to the driver what I, and I know , he was seeing. As I said this to him, I noticed a dirt road in the median that connected the west bound lanes with the east bound lanes and led into the dessert in the exact direction of the lights. I then said to the driver,"stop! go back!, let's see what those light are!"  "go back and take the dirt road towards the mountain range! He then yelled "

no!" and became terriffied and accelerated at high speed. I mean he was in some sort of terrified state and wanted to flee at all costs at that moment. Then we began to hear some very strange sounds, like hummings and beepings, suddenly we began to feel as if time was slowing down (for a lack of better words) as if everything began to enter into this "dreamy state".

      And..... that is all I remember! I don't remember ever getting out of the vehicle. Or where we were when I did finally get out. But there is one other thing that has bothered me since about 10 years ago. It seems to be a slight memeory that has surfaced to my conscious mind. Seems to be related

to this event, and that is: it seems I can remember us being directed to a place where there were men in military clothing, soldiers, and very bright

lights. Being led to some underground place. Being in a room , standing and facing a wall, shiney,granite-like and being overwhelmed by what I can only describe as a "PSYCHOTIC TERROR" MUST NOT LOOK BEHIND ME!  MUST STARE AT WALL! DON'T WANT TO SEE THE DEMON BEHIND ME!!!

      Please exuse me if I sound like i've gone off the deep end, but I now KNOW that I have seen and been some how used by something for some reason. I don't know if they tried to make us forget that we saw the lights or what the reason might be, but I do want to know. I wish there was some one who could help me find an answer to this. If there is someone that can help me, please e-mail me at

      My name is not David, and I do wish to remain anonymous. I would just like to try to remember what exactly happenned that night. I wish I could locate the man who gave me the ride that night, but i'm afraid that would be near to impossible, seeing that I never even remembered his name.

      Any helpful response would be greately appreciated.

      Thank you, and God bless you!


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Anon, who isn't David:

You are not alone.  Have you surfed the web to find others who have had similar experiences, or is this your first sharing?  I am a cosmic citizen.  I am about as sane as sane can be!!!  Yet, there were times as I was beginning to remember, I thought I was a nut case!  But trust me when I say, your memories are your memories, and while we each have different ones and there are even those who fabricate on the web to jest, but I have long given up thinking there are any left!  Too many people who have experienced first hand interaction with our cosmic family.  I have had many many experiences and my understanding of the cosmos is very clear.  I am new to this web site and accidentally posted in the "general discussion" before going down further to find these threads.

Anyway, Anon-who-isn't-David, please share your feelings and experiences.

The government has active programs promoting looks-like ET abductions and it is easy to be fooled.  But why do they do this if there isn't something REAL going on?  (and there is of course!)  

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Maybe you should try going to a hypnotist.  I believe that they can make people remember things that are in their subconcience.  You may even remember the license plate number of the car and track him down.  The hypnotist might make you remember all of things that happened to you tht night.  


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i've heard there's some kind of remedy made by indians that can bring years of memory back.don't know what it's called but if there's a store that you know of that sells herbal remedies,try looking for something like that.good luck on your search for your memory.

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