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The great Flood

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Imagine if you will that you are living in a time with no TV, no Radio and no forms of fast communication or travel.

You are living in an area of very flat land. One day it starts to rain and it keep raining for a week or so. IN recent times we've seen how much water can fall in just one week and how big of a flood that can cause.

When the rain stops the entire area is flooded as far as the eye can see. The survivors who happen to own water going vessels load as much of their belongings as they can into these rafts (Including live stock). When they see other crafts they join them together. After all, with nothing but water as far as the eye can see it's better to join up with others to improve your chances of survival.

Now, in this day and age. How would you know if the world was flooded or if it's just flooded in your area? All you know is you can't see land. There's no way you can contact anyone far away to find out just how far the flood has spread.

This is just the kind of thing I think about on the "Great Flood." This seems much more likely to me anyway.

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Keep an eye out for the white dove. Was it a dove? I'd be searching the skies for that darn thing.

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