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Chat Room Rules, Help and Support

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Unexplained Mysteries Chat Room

Chat Room Rules and Guidelines

  • No offensive usernames
  • No impersonating site staff, anyone who does this is likely to get banned. Genuine site staff can be identified by an @ sign next to their name.
  • No offensive language in the chat room
  • No advertising or spamming
  • No harrassment of other chat room users
Could users also try to log in under a proper name, rather than leaving the default 'anonymous' as that can be confusing. If anyone experiences any problems in the chat room please contact a member of site staff.

Chat Room Applet Help and Support

If you are having problems getting into the site chat room, this post should help you get it to work. Also covered here are other common questions relating to the site's chat room.

When i go to the chat page, i get a large grey box and/or a red cross

The following solutions should help to solve this issue:

Solution 1

a. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

b. Click the Security tab, and then click Default Level (if it is available) for the zone which contains the Web page (for example, Internet).

c. If you are using Internet Explorer 6, click the Privacy tab, and then click Default (if it is available).

Solution 2

a. On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

b. Click on the advanced tab

c. Scroll down to 'Microsoft VM'

d. Make sure the box is checked for 'JIT Compiler for Virtual Machine'

e. Restart PC if box needed to be checked

Solution 3

No sign of 'Microsoft VM' or the 'JIT Compiler' option in the advanced menu ?

Download and install - Java Virtual Machine


I've done the above but still can't get it to work

In this case you're best bet would be to download mIRC, another chat client which is very popular with regular IRC users. You can download it from:


What are the chat server settings for entering the chat room with mIRC?

The server address is irc.soothchat.net, port 6667. The room we are in is #unexplained

How do i do an action in the room in purple text?

Type /me *action*

How do i change my username while in the room?

Type /nick *new name*

What does an @ mean next to a users name?

Users with an @ sign are 'Chat Ops', the chat room equivalent of forum moderators.

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