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Sylvia Brown is a fraud...


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Well i hate to have to be the latest person to step in lol but i know a lot about Sylvia Browne. She is someone who i find extraordinary whether or not she is a real psychic. If she is real she is awesome because she knows the future, and if she is not, she is awesome because she knows how to manipulate people into thinking the way she wants them to think. There was a comment made by someone that i believe need to be cleared up.

JohnnyBoyC said :

"Lady: My parents both passed on recently and I would like to know if they are together happily in Heaven."

Sylvia Brown: "No, I am sorry they are both being punished in Hell and have ALWAYS hated each other, they just put on an act for you."

The lady ran out crying"

Way to try and sound smart JonnyboyC but i hate to burst your bubble, making **** up about Sylvia Brown only sinks you to the same Lvl She is in if she is also Lying. Do your research first kid. Sylvia Brown has a religion of her own. Its called The Novus Spiritus. This is a religion that in a way combines many different religions. In it she clearly states that their is no such place as "Hell". Obviously you just made that up to sound smart, or "cool". If you got your information wrong than i am sorry I'm going off on you, but you should have double checked.

Before you start talking about someone, it is best that you do some reading up. I've been following Sylvia and listening to things she says and reading her books and making my own conclusions about her. I believe that hating without listening to what ever it is they have to say is immoral and shows how much you lack intellect. That not only goes to you Jonny, but everyone else who simply Hates Sylvia for the possibility of her being a fraud.

I have found some flaws and contradictions in her books but not enough for me to draw any closure. I like here, real or not she is a powerful lady, she doesn't force people to come to her, or pay hundreds of dollars for reading. Instead she bases her work on a foundation that allows people of all kinds to welcome her and her new age religion. unlike normal religion, Sylvia says "Take from me what you want, and leave what you don't" creating an open door for those whose religions have turned away from them maintain that sense of spirituality and love for god.

I'm not typing to change anyone's mind about Sylvia Browne. I'm typing to clear up her name, I'm not someone who supports her, but i am not someone who judges. She is a remarkable woman, who knows what she is doing. She is someone you will hate to love, and love to hate. soon enough she will be out of the spotlight and her son Christ will take over. He is someone we will be seeing more and more of. There will always be people who buy into stuff like this, however, it's good to not assume. Read into her and her works, learn about her, be smart if your gana try and bring her down, ignorance maybe be bliss, but it's selfish and stupid too. Right?

please, before you go on a tirade about the stupidity of others, you should really turn on spell check. it'll make you seem like less of a hypocrite.

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