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William Mc Crea...have you heard of him?

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I'm looking for any info on this British scientist. I did a google and other searches and I come up with one site and it's in Italian, I can't translate. Here is what he was about that caught my attention: William Mc Crea argued in 1951 that negative pressure in the universe, equivalent to a state of cosmic tension, cannot be ruled out on the basis of ordinary experience. A cosmic tension, everywhere the same, does not participate directly in determining the behavior of galaxies, stars and steam engines. We are aware of the existence of ordinary pressures when they vary from place to place and have gradients, as in stars and the earths atmosphere, and when they are acting on walls, as in boilers. But when pressure is the same everywhere, unconfined and without gradients, it produces no perceptible effect except in the dynamic behavior of the universe. The same can be said of a negative pressure; it may exist, but we cannot detect it except in the way it affects the dynamics of the universe.

The article go on but it's short and leaves a person in limbo as far as, "OK, what now...give me the rest of your thoughts".

He does tease with this: Let us consider the effect of negative pressure in an expanding universe. A universe in a state of tension must release energy as it expands. A piece of elastic when stretched gets warm, this is because the work done while the elastic is stretched energy is released. (The following is most important) ::: A similar thing happens in a universe of negative pressure; as it expands energy is released, and this energy may take the form of newly created matter.

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If you miss out the space in 'Mc crea' I think you'll have better luck.

I typed 'william+mccrea' into Google and came up with quite a selection.

Here's a link to the results :

William Mccrea

Plus a couple of good sites :

Link 1

Link 2

Hope that helps you find what your looking for.


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Thank you so much Saru. Thats exactly what I was looking for.

Just reading briefly I saw that he and Hoyle were buddies, I should have known...Oh so much material to research now. I am in your debt sir.

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