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Artificial Ghost


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Click Herefor the link that says that ppl made an artificial ghosts? Did they use machines or somthing or can people really create ghosts with Psi? I am confused about it! no.gif
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an artificial ghost is one that is created under strict circumstances. a group gets together and creates a name and a story to go with a ghost that they dream up from scratch. then they have seances and ouija sessions and etc to try and contact the ghost that they have made up from fiction.

this is from http://www.fst.org/physmed2.htm: it's the philip story that the article you reference is talking about

"As we stated: Mind over matter; that is what physical mediumship is all about. If this is so, and if we are all Spirit, can those of us in the body create such manifestations?

Traditionalists in Spiritualism will answer with an empahtic and resounding, "NO. Only Spirit out of body can create such manifestations." My question is: why should that be the case? Spirit is Spirit is Spirit.

In the 1970's, this very question was put to the test by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research, in conjunction with the New Horizons Research Foundation. Their findings were published, in 1976, in the book "Conjuring Up Philip: An Adventure in Psychokineses."

Very briefly, the story goes like this: a group of people decided to meet regularly, just as they would if sitting for mediumistic development, with one major difference: they decided to create a fictitious character, whom they later called "Philip." Little by little, as the meetings continued, the character of Philip was being created by everyone present. More and more details were being woven into the life story of Philip. Finally, the group decided to put their experiment to the test. They wanted to see if phenomena -- attributed to "Philip" as the operator -- would occur. They got more than they bargained for.

Remember, they were sitting to experiment with psychokinesis, not mediumship. Psychokinesis, or PK, is the movement of objects via the directed use of INCARNATE mind. The most noted subject of research in PK is Uri Geller.

Not only did the Philip group get PK phenomena, they got levitation and direct communication, through raps, from Philip. But, they did NOT achieve any actual manifestation of Philip. The picture to the right is a drawing of Philip, as created by the group.

The debate is this: Were the phenomena a result of mass hallucination? Was this a genuine demonstration of the group's energy, collectively known as Philip, manifesting itself as Philip? Or was Philip actually a person, in Spirit, who decided to work with this group and telepathically fed the group information about himself and his earthly life and, then, through the power of physical mediumship -- with the group (or, perhaps, one person) acting as the medium -- physically materialized himself.

The conclusion of the Philip group, itself, was that it was strictly PK at work here. In other words, the combined mental energies of the group, focussed through the "person" of Philip, was the source of the manifestations.

What do you think? We would love to hear your comments on this.

Regardless of what actually happened with the Philip group, the results were amazing.

A full recording of the Philip group can be found in: "Conjuring Up Philip" by Iris M. Owen, with Margaret Sparrow. Fitzhenry & Whiteside Limited, Ontario, Canada. 1976. ISBN 0-88902-003-5. "

anyway, hope this helps

it's basically a debate arguing the powers of the mind against ghosts

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There are many who believe that if you believe and put a lot of energy into something you create in your mind, it will eventually manifest itself somehow. You could try searching around online for "thoughtforms."

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Go look in the main news forum. There's a group in Sydney, Australia, that just recently tried, with no luck, to re-create the Philip experiment. Since it wasn't working they tried a different tack, following the lead of another researcher whom I'd never heard of and whose name I've already forgotten. blush.gif They started working in darkness instead of in the light and they abandoned their attempts to contact a fictional entity and instead concentrated on getting the table to produce raps and movement. They, too, seem to have gotten more than they bargained for.grin2.gif

It's an interesting story. I think the thread is called "Turning the Tables on Parapsychology". Go. Read. original.gif

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also, another way to create artificial ghosts was utilised by theatre companies and parlor magicians at the turn of the last century. It involved creating smoke, and bouncing an image of a brightly illuminated random object (or something resembling a ghost, depending what the magician was trying to achieve) into that smoke, off an angled piece of glass. The resulting image looked like a transparent 'spirit'.

I would like to try and re-create this to see how good it looks yes.gif

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I know what you're talking about, Hoagy! It has a name, though I can't think what. hmm.gif I think what they did was, they had someone standing out of sight of the audience (either in the wings or below the stage). There was a sheet of glass on stage angled to reflect them, but the audience didn't know the glass was there. When they wanted the "ghost" to appear they simply turned a bright light on the person and their image "materialized" on the darkened stage.

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