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Nintendo Revolution Rumours


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April 25, 2005 - In the middle of last week, the Broken Saint's website posted claims they knew the secret behind Nintendo's upcoming console, codenamed Revolution. Now, if it's one thing the Web isn't short on, it's people claiming they know what drives Nintendo's Revolution. What makes the claim on Broken Saints compelling, however, is that Brooke Burgess, the man behind the site, is actually in a position to know. Or at the very least, in a position where savory strips of information may be floating around, just waiting to be picked up by wary ears.

Well, it looks like Broken Saints has gone and posted its much-anticipated theory on what makes the Nintendo Revolution revolutionary. At the core of the theory sits how Revolution will display games: through a form of real-time 3D projection. That's right folks, along the lines of a classic 50s monster movie. Nintendo itself has stated that what it plans to use on Revolution isn't all that unique, only that it has never been applied to videogames. Taking that into account, plus recent patents filed by Nintendo, and it doesn't sound all that far fetched, argues Burgess.

If that's not enough, he goes on. During the ShoWest film conference, a panel featuring George Lucus, Robert Zemekis, James Cameron, Robert Rodriguez, and a satellite feed from Peter Jackson discuss their plans to integrate cheap digital stereoscopic 3D into major theater chains by 2007. Here's where things get interesting: Burgess claims to know an agent who spoke to Robert Rodriguez, stating they knew of a game machine that would exploit this new wave of 3D entertainment well before Hollywood could jump in on the market.

Burgess goes on to say he spoke to an industry friend about his new theory, to which the industry friend said that Nintendo had shown a real-time 3D add-on for GameCube behind closed doors. When? At last year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Furthermore, Burgess claims the Revolution will certainly sport wireless controllers, among other, unknown wireless capabilities. Also, according to Burgess, the Revolution controller will feature either a touch-screen or some form of proprietary PDA device.

As for gyroscopic controllers, the Revolution will indeed use them. Burgess references several inside "sources" who claim they know Revolution controllers will support positional shifts as experienced in Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble. Not all games will support the feature, but Burgess states that at least one Revolution launch title will.

This is all speculation, of course, but there you have it.

My friend at GTAWH.com sent me this.

If this is true, it will indeed be a worthy title.


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I doubt Nintendo would do the real time 3D projection, but the gyroscopic controlers and the controller touch screen could be real.

plus recent patents filed by Nintendo

Companies make patents all the time that are never used. Besides who's to say that it might not be the post-revolution console.

Nintendo had shown a real-time 3D add-on for GameCube behind closed doors.

That's strange. Ever since the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive, they have been adamantly anti-add-on. blink.gif

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Yeah i know.

Just rumours, as it says.

Would be freaking sweet though eh.

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Revolution Concept

I hope the final design will look as good as this. thumbsup.gif

user posted image

user posted image

I'd like to know where the other analog stick is though.

Edited by Byuu94
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That's pretty snazzy! Don't like the controller though.

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*wipes drool* user posted image

Those pictures are awesome! But I agree with Burnside, 'meh' to the controllers...

About the rumors though, I hope the Revolution is really as revolutionary as they say. Thanks for the feed Burnside cool.gif

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reminds me of the N64

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It kinda does...but it was way better than that oversized frisbee that was shone before.

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i just wanna no wut kinda games the revolution will have like will it be chips discs or catridges

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I dont like the wireless controllers. if it comes out Ill get the controllers with a cord. theres no way Im spending money on batteries.

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Well if anyway can pull this off its Nintendo and I dearly hope they do and can once again recapture the limelight in the console wars!

I agree that the controller doesn`t look like it would be that good to use but that console design is quite cool!

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I dont like the wireless controllers. if it comes out Ill get the controllers with a cord. theres no way Im spending money on batteries.

They'd probably make the controllers rechargeable .

That mockup said that it had two gamecube controller ports, so you could use yor old cube controllers. I don't know it it will actually have this though.

i just wanna no wut kinda games the revolution will have like will it be chips discs or catridges

Well, nintendo has confirmed that Revolution will be backwards compatible, so it will most likely be discs like Gamecube. I wonder if they will move up to six-inchers, or keep the three-inchers. I have heard that they might play DVDs this time around.

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Just got my new Nintendo Power today.

It says the Revolution will be backwards compatable with GC and WIFi(most likely for the connectivity between it and the DS)

Also the DS's internet service will be free of charge!!!

How amazing is that!

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That's pretty awesome.

Do you need seperate hardware to get online?

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wow thats pretty amazing stuff right there. im looking forward to this.

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It says the Revolution will be backwards compatable with GC and WIFi(most likely for the connectivity between it and the DS)

I think DS will connect to the Rev through Wi-fi to get on the internet. It would make sense because they won't unveil the Ds online until E3 when Rev shows up. wink2.gif

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a new system ?!?!?!?! o man and i just bought a PS2!!!!!!! dang-iddly-ang!!

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I heard there gonna incorporate a touch screen feature for the controllers. Suposedly the DS is one big market test to see how well it goes. If they do decide to go through with this it will be the coolest thing ever or it will K I L L Nintendo.

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Nintendo need to go all out and risk it all with this console if they hope to once again become a main contender in the console wars and I do believe they are capable of it, but for now we must wait and wait and hope that this "revolution' is trully a revolution!

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Here some stuff that sounds awsome, and if it is true, then Nintendo will own like when the SNES was out.


Brooke got some things right, but much of it is flawed. I don’t know whether he just made up a lot of that stuff, because many of the points have been disproven before. For instance, Game Informer wrote an article on the next generation consoles in which it claims the Revolution’s controller will have one giant touch screen. I’m thinking this is where Brooke got that idea. The Revolution will not have a touch screen. Iwata has stated this before. The controller will be quite normal in the sense that it will have a d-pad and buttons. Like I said, I’m not going to tell you the revolutionary aspect of the system. Nintendo has some cool pre E3 plans for that.

First off, the 3D visuals he mentioned have nothing to do with the system. Nintendo isn’t crazy.

It will also have gyroscopic controls, but like Brooke said, not all the games will use it. For instance, earlier I mentioned Nintendo has a Halo killer in development for the Revolution. This game will use the gyroscopic controls for aiming as wel as other things. Our game isn’t using this function.

The controller will be wireless; he’s right about that. As you also know, the Xbox 360’s controllers will be wireless as well. Where do you think they got this idea? That’s why Nintendo is still trying to determine what to show at E3. From what I’ve heard, they will show the design of the system as well as games. I’ll tell you about the software later though.

The controller will also be pressure sensitive. The pressure you put into it will determine certain things, such as movement. This is another optional capibility. Someone on Nintendo’s board mentioned this months ago. They said that “touching is good, but feeling is better.” This may sound strange, but it provides great controls. Racing games will really be helped by this control setting.

The Nintendo Revolution will also include voice control more advanced than anything seen so far. Nintendogs is just the beginning. To achieve this, Nintendo sent us headsets (similar to ones you can use for Xbox Live) that are wirelessless communicating with the console. Imagine being able to merely call for an airstrike or reload your gun by giving out commands orally. So far, we have put this feature to the test the most; as you can see, I’m excited over this feature.

From a graphical perspective, the Nintendo Revolution is very powerful. Many people seem to think this won’t be the case, but rest assured. The games I saw while working at Nintendo were very beautiful. I’ll tell you about those later.

As Nintendo has stated before, the system will be online. In my eyes, the online system they have set up is the most revolutionary part of the system. While Sony and Microsoft are busy turning their systems into trojan horses for their other electronic devices, Nintendo is going to use the Revolution for direct communication with gamers. The only way I can describe it is as an internet service. Imagine turning it on and checking your mail on the system. You see previews and demos of DS and Revolution games that you can download. A magazine similar to Nintendo Power will be exclusive to the system, and you will be able to access it on the Revolution’s homepage. As you check you mail, you will also see various invitations from gamers on your buddy list who want to play you. There are so many other ways this is going to be used. Once the Revolution comes out, there will be no reason to hang out on message boards. Message boards as well as chat rooms will be available on the Revolution so that gamers can discuss and challenge each other all day. And the best thing is that the entire thing is totally free and easy to use. Why play Madden on Xbox Live when you’ll be able to play it for free on the Revolution with much better services?

That’s all I’m going to reveal for now. There are some very interesting games in the horizon for the Revolution; I’ll talk about them later.

Like Brooke said, console ideas are nothing without good games. Once you see the games, you will understand. I would go as far to say that the Revolution isn’t as revolutionary as Nintendo is saying. It should be called the Nintendo Simplicity, because every aspect I mentioned greatly simplifies the gaming experience. For instance, the pressure sensitive grips on the controller make racing games much easier to control and play. Wave Race (yes, it will be at E3) is going to be very impressive because it will use this function. It will be sort of like controlling a game with one of those stress balls. You squeeze it and you go faster. It’s hard to explain though.

Don’t expect to see too much if any of the controller at E3 though. Nintendo is still trying to decide what to show and what not to show. The games will be revealed, as well as specs and the system design. But the controller is still being considered.

To Jesus: when you see the voice controls, you will be blown away. Go back and watch some sci fi movies with voice controlled vehicles (such as AI or I am Robot). 

You guys are still talking about the 3D angle of that article? Check the date of the patent in question. This has already been used in a game that’s out right now. I would suggest you pay attention to IGN or N-Sider more.

Like I said, I’m going to give out some details on the next gen hardware, especially the Nintendo Revolution. You guys already know a lot of information on the Xbox 360; you guys have already seen the specs of the system. Gamespy released them around GDC. I was at GDC, and I’ll fill you in on some stuff that IGN can’t talk about. Specs and details on the Nintendo Revolution were given out to developers during the conference. I can verify that my company as well as EA and Midway received them at GDC. I’m positive other publishers received them as well.

From what I’ve heard, Capcom and Namco are sold on the Revolution and are currently playing around with the development kits. I don’t know whether they are actually making games for it though. I was suprised to hear that Square Soft has a game in development for the Revolution. It will be at E3 as well as some other next gen titles for the PS3.

I’m currently working on a game for the Revolution as well. I can’t guarantee that it will be at E3 though. I think people are going to be very suprised. When I worked with Nintendo, I was able to see the earliest builds of the system. It has come a long way, to say the least. There are a lot of graphics whores out there who feel the Revolution will be a weak system. They will be very suprised come E3. Microsoft is banking on stealing the show, but I think they will be upstaged by Nintendo as well as Sony. It’s going to be very funny to see them trying to get people excited about Perfect Dark 0 when both Nintendo and Sony will be showing off Halo killers.

I’m not going to share specs with you because they aren’t really that important. I think Iwata said something like that when asked the same question. All three consoles are going to be very powerful, trust me. I’ll give you some information though: it will be more powerful than the Xbox 360. Much more powerful. Many gamers seem to think it will be as powerful as the GBA or something. That isn’t the case at all. From what I saw during my time their as well as our game, it will be very capible.

But having the most powerful console doesn’t guarantee that gamers are going to buy it. Software sells the games. And if that statement holds true next generation, the Nintendo Revolution will be very popular.

In my next post I will “spill the beans” on everything I know about the Revolution. I’ll give you some hints though. All the rumors out there are not mere rumors. Some are planted by people who are working on the consoles. In fact, Nintendo is doing this right now with the information they’ve released on the Revolution. You are going to see why Nintendo hasn’t just come out and said confirmed that the Revolution is going to be very powerful. You’re going to be punk’d by them in a couple weeks. Pay attention to the boards, especially Nintendo’s board. It’s much better than OurColony.


Knights is not developing for the Nintendo Revolution right now. They

will show off some Xbox 360 games at E3; I can confirm that. Matt saw

the game, and he knows what they are up to. Once he is able to talk

about it, he will reveal his information to you.

Like I said, I

know as much about Resident Evil 5 as you do. I would guess it is going

to be a current generation game. If Capcom could have it ready for the

holidays (to combat the Xbox 360), it would come out then. But that’s

just my own speculation (and hope; RE4 is amazing).

I can

confirm that Nintendo is currently working on many Revolution titles.

Most are just in the planning stages, but I have seen video of seven.

I’m sure at least three or four of these games will be at E3 in video

form. Perhaps more; we will see at E3. Outside of our game, there are

six 3rd party games that I have heard of. As I mentioned earlier,

Square Enix (happy now?) is developing a new game for the Revolution.

EA, Sega, Zoonami, Namco, and Activision are currently working on games.

3rd party information:


is playing around with the Revolution’s capibilities, implementing them

into another Madden game. This isn’t really news though. From what I’ve

heard, they are really going out of their way to make this more than

just a port. Voice controls are being used to the max in this title.

Calling out audibles will be used this way. The wireless capibilities

of the system are also going to be used. Like I said, there will be no

reason to buy Madden for the Xbox 360 when the Revolution version comes


Sega is developing three games for the Revolution that

should be at E3. I’m not going to reveal too much on what they are up

to for obvious reasons. The three games I listed does not include the

game we are developing for them. You will be very suprised at what they

are doing. I’m sure you have heard of the Xbox 360 title Condemned that

they are working on. This game is something that many wouldn’t expect

Sega to make; you won’t expect what you will see at E3. The other game

they have is a typical, quirky Sega game. It’s very interesting in the

sense that it uses all the system’s capibilities.

Zoonami has

already given out some hints on what they are working on. I have always

felt that Sam Fisher is a much better character than Solid Snake.

Zoonami just might have some characters that are better than both of


Namco is working on a Revolution game, but I don’t have

details on it. I am sure that it is not a Soul Caliber III port. I

don’t see why they just won’t add online play and Link and Ganon to the

game and release it as a launch title. That would be a very smart move.


is working on some ports for the Revolution. You will see what they

have for the Xbox 360 at E3. At least one of these games will be ported

to the Revolution for its launch.

On 1st party information:


I said, I have seen seven Nintendo titles, some of which will be at E3.

When the DS was launced, it had one sub par 1st party game. This will

not be the case with the Revolution’s launch. If they were to release

all the games I’ve seen at launch, it would easily be the best launch

ever for a console.

I can confirm that Nintendo is working on a

new, orignal Mario game. In my opinion, the last few Miyamoto games

havn’t been that interesting. This will change with this game. Like

Mario 64 for the N64, this game will introduce all of the capibilities

of the console. It will use the pressure sensitive controls mainly, but

the voice controls as well as gyroscopic controls will be used as well.

From what I saw, this game will use mini games to introduce many of

these schemes. All of these mini games could be released as stand alone


A new Super Smash Bros. Melee is in the works as well.

This game will demonstrate the online functions of the Revolution.

Nintendo has added many new things into the game, included a deeper

combat system. Many more special moves are included as well as some

very cool suprises. The levels will include some destructible

environments, and the characters will be fully customizable. Want to

play as Mario in his 80’s outfit? Or would you prefer the 90’s look?

It’s your choice. The most innovative part of the game is the different

modes. In previous games, you were allowed to play in giant mode, metal

mode, small mode, etc. That has changed. You will be able to choose to

play in a “Paper” mode (a la Paper Mario), a cel shaded mode (Wind

Waker), or Viewtiful Joe-esque mode.

As I said earlier, Retro is working on a Halo killer. This game is going to be one of the best games at E3. In my opinion, StarCraft was the best RTS ever. This game is going to use some similar ideas. In most FPS, you play as a hero trying to save the day. In Retro’s game, they allow you to choose which storyline you want to play, just like StarCraft allows you to play as Terran, Zerg, etc. Biological weapons will play a major part in the game. Imagine fighting in a chemical plant, where toxics are stored everywhere. By shooting them, you emit the toxic. If you get hit by this stuff, many different things may happen. For instance, you may lose sight on the screen, your controls might be inverted or slowed down, etc. Or, if your character gets the fever, the controller might get hot. Very hot. The alien races are very interesting also. You will be able to switch to 3rd person in order to move faster (similar to running in Odd World: Stranger’s Wrath). You will be able to “impregnate” human players by grabbing on to them for a certain amount of time. This will implant a NPC in them, which will burst out at your command, instantly killing the human player. You will then be able to use voice control to command the NPC.

Nintendo fans, pray that this is true. thumbsup.gif

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That's some pretty amazing stuff!

Although i don't know how true any of it is. For starters, we all know now what the Xbox360 controllers look like, and they are not wireless at all. So i don't know how reliable this is. Still, amazing stuff.

I guess all will be revealed at E3.

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Wow, I am so hoping that all that is true, I am a very dedicated Nintendo fan and have been hoping that Nintendo and once again rise to console supremecy and if what they are saying is true the revolution may be able to get them right back up there!

E3 is so close yet soooooo far..........

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Oh i don't doubt that Nintendo will be shocking the gaming world with this new console, that much is for sure.

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That's some pretty amazing stuff!

Although i don't know how true any of it is. For starters, we all know now what the Xbox360 controllers look like, and they are not wireless at all. So i don't know how reliable this is. Still, amazing stuff.

I guess all will be revealed at E3.

I've only seen these for Xbox 360 controllers, and they are wireless.


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Weird, i posted the same controller in the Xbox 360 images topic, and they had wires sticking out the back. laugh.gif

However, those ones did not have the middle button, so i suspect they may have been an older prototype.

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