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when something good goes bad

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disorders are defined by the society in which they occur. what is a disorder to the western world may not even be classifed as such to asia.


what is a disorder? classically speaking we define a disorder as something with prevents one from functioning within society. (it is socially derived. much like all sciences are influenced by the preconditions under which the scientists work)

in the advancement of humanity, we have managed to move through several phases of accepted mythical creatures, all of which during their period of acceptance served a useful purpose to the societys and individuals affected.

So now enter the invisible mystery man, the cosmic consciousness, or whatever else it is called by today's modern cultures. If one speaks to "harry", the invisible buddy in the sky, most question sanity. If one speaks to "god", it is not questioned. why? quite simply because it is not socially defined as such! As society changes and more people become aware, we may yet reach a point where talking to "gods" becomes a disorder as well. This of course presupposes that man,on the whole, has reached a high enough level of enlightenment. Note i am not suggesting that today or tomorrow anybody in the mental health industry will classify "gods" as a mental disorder because as of now, it still benefits society to allow those in need of such beliefs to have them. It is more pragmatic for these people to believe in gods than to put them on prescriptions.

The question is whether or not "gods" will just vanish from humanity as man reaches his potential, or will society eventually have to create a new class of mental disorder in order for man to progress?

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I can't see this thread doing anything but making a heated discussion between you, and those who are being classed mentally ill.....

I am going to close this, and suggest that maybe you should make a suggestion for a debating topic on this subject if you wish to discuss it further.

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