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England's children getting fatter


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Iv'e heard of them cases but they are EXTREMELY rare, so there must of been a problem for it to occur but wasnt aware of it!

The point of eating healthy and being a healthy person in general is that it minimizes your risk of disease. The proof is overwhelming. There are odd cases such as your friends.

You dont know whats around the corner, yeah thats right but its damn stupid to say eat whatever you want. Health costs will explode with that attitude.

over eating leads to premature death. people are dying from too many calories today than too few!

Infact, if you can reduce your calories by as much as 30% that could possibly give you many extra years of Healthy life !

Studies on animals have shown that CR enables them to have a max life span of around the equiv of 160 + human years

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My friend died suddenly last night of a heart attack and he has never touched a burger in his life

He goes to the gym 5 days a week ,so it just goes to show ,when your time is up its up,so eat what you want ,you dont know whats around the corner no.gif


Very true.

I'm sorry to hear that warden. sad.gif

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