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Does Megalodon Still exist?


Is Meg still swimming the sea's?  

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  1. 1. Is Meg still swimming the sea's?

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If man killed the last of them I'd expect to have seen mythological evidence for it in the form of a story or painting of some grand hero killing a giant shark and a giant squid/octopus.

Science currently says Meg died off 1.5 mya. That doesn't mean they did, but it's the best guess we can make. I would think a Kraken type creature would be bigger than today's Colossal Squid. I haven't looked up fossil squids to see if there's records of a bigger one out there yet.

A kraken is a giant octosquied. half actopuse half squid. nowthere are stroys. about large sea fish monsters. and stroys of the kraken. just to say. and i don't feel like looking for it online. just stateing my opions. so far. in a world of large monsters. it could have been. who knows what was and still is.

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It simply can't exist, or one would have been caught or spotted. A creature of such size could only be hiding from science in the depths of the sea, but there is a problem with this: The Megalodon belongs to the genus Charcharodon, so its closest relative is the Great White, but the Mako and the Porbeagle are also close to it, and none of these are deep-sea species. It is highly improbable, that such a difference could occur in a family of animals(deep-sea living obviously requires different morphology, and that would place the Megalodon in a different family.) Furthermore a large, deep-sea carnivore could not find sufficient amounts of food, because as one goes lower, the animals tend to get smaller in order to be able to bear the pressure and a 16 meter shark could not wait for the occasional appearances of Sperm Whales and such animals, because they do not spend that much time in the great depths.

I think they still exist because it may lean more toward them not existing but you know it is possible for organisms to adapt maybe the megalodon did. I have been studying them for years now and im sure they still exist.

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Hello Allstar, and Welcome to UM. I think you will find that there is something for everyone here, and I hope that you will become a contributing member during your stay.

That said, please keep an eye on the dates of the thread you are responding to. There isn't anything inherently bad about necroposting, but it is considered bad nettiquete, and often the people one is responding to aren't even on the board any longer. Similarly, we have forum rules against linking to other websites that contain items for sale. I will go ahead and close this thread, but please feel free to post in currently active threads, or, if you feel you have an interesting topic, start up a thread of your own. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the moderating team.

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