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Hrm... Well... I sure hope it's not an "utter crap" film... otherwise I've been

wasting many years of my life working on it! ;)

Actually the movie IS coming out this year and is in post-production right now!

Though this first of three (it's a trilogy) tries very hard not to stray from what

science we know about the Sumerians records of the Anunnaki (the world is

not too friendly or happy about a movie contradicting everything in modern

religion... even if it IS what that modern religion was based on) this first movie

is a modern day fiction (but is an accurate introduction into the "cast of characters"

described by the Sumerians, Akkadians, etc... as the ANUNNAKI). I took great

care in researching this movie (8 years of heavy research + 25 of casual study

on the topic). The next movie "Anunnaki II" will reveal the entire ancient history...

well... what we know of it.

It's no so much objecting to questioning religion as it is reacting to the incarnation of abuse of history and linguistics that it is Z. Sitchin. How you get off even mentioning the Annunaki without crediting him is a mystery. If there's anything worse than pseudo-historical dreck, it's derivative dreck. I'd rather watch a half hour A Family Circus outing.


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Hey folks,

i´ve stumbled across this Thread while researching for the movie 1Annunaki.Well, as we do have 2010 i´m very curious where the movie´s left at.

The last post in here is 2 years ago.Jon, if you are still following this thread,please tell us what has happened.There are many people who want to see this movie.



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