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Push Bush on climate, Blair urged

The Roswell Man

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Babs , finally

something we can TRULY agree on.

i must say im releived.


This is an incredible day. We must celebrate! grin2.gif

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Kismit wrote:

Babs, there have been at least two highly suspicious deaths involving people working on car engines which are fueled by water.

My eyes opened a little wider when I read this. blink.gif Do you have any more information about this? I know there were a couple of guys over here that used 'used' french fried oil (grease) to fuel their cars across country. It worked beautifully, and it was cheap. Never another word about this development.

If scientists and big industrial corporations would 'get on this' and put their heads together, we would have a solution to the pollution problem of cars and the great expense for the average joe to run them. We would have cleaner air and the people wouldn't be taxed to death for transportation. sad.gif

Heck! we've gone to the moon.... huh.gif

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on a kinda similar line but not really babs have you heard about Live 8?

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Live 8

ameircans need to get involved and push bush on this.

at the moment per capita the US is fourth in the list of Aid providers.

behind France (which is the highest per capita) the UK and Japan.

And ameirca is BY FAR the richest country on earth, so this is wrong.

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Thank you, wun original.gif I am in the site, now....it is very interesting sad.gif We had some big time coverage on this subject and I made some emails to the tv media, but there hasn't been a great deal of coverage, since... that I know of. I feel deeply about the subject of poverty and giving to Africa...especially in light of our infamous 'historical' past with slavery ph34r.gifsad.gif and the African country.

Edited by Babs
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No sooner do I say I haven't heard anything on this subject, there's Bush talking about it.

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