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The spirit world can not be seen how can it exist?

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Sceptics always say why doesn’t the supernatural show its self to the sceptical scientific mind and only to the believer?

Gravity can not be seen only felt, just as with many supernatural experiences, who is to say just because paranormal experiences are not felt as commonly or on the same scale that gravity is that the paranormal is not real? Its only fairly recently we have known about what gravity is.

Gravity is a physical effect, so you cant compare the belief in gravity, with belief of the supernatural because one is physical and one is spiritual, people cant see gravity (with there eyes as solid matter) just as most people can not normally see the spiritual as solid matter, this reminds me of something H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

"matrix in which the sources of light appear and disappear. Nothing is added to darkness to make of it light, or to light to make it darkness, on this our plane. They are interchangeable, and scientifically light is but a mode of darkness and vice versa. Yet both are phenomena of the same noumenon -- which is absolute darkness to the scientific mind, and but a gray twilight to the perception of the average mystic, though to that of the spiritual eye of the Initiate it is absolute light. How far we discern the light that shines in darkness depends upon our powers of vision. What is light to us is darkness to certain insects, and the eye of the clairvoyant sees illumination where the normal eye perceives only blackness. When the whole universe was plunged in sleep -- had returned to its one primordial element -- there was neither centre of luminosity, nor eye to perceive light, and darkness necessarily filled the boundless all. "

Taken from Here

Perhaps the more you believe, the more these spiritual things become illuminated? The more you seek to look, the more they become visible (hence the word enlightenment) If you do not hold any belief that the unseen does exist, then no light can be shed on it, so of course you will not see it. So many sceptics are trying to see with there physical senses, rather than with there hidden senses ones that they refuse to except, they have there minds eye firmly shut.

Just because you cant see something, or even feel something doesn’t mean its not there. Science will accept this with such things as radio waves and gravity because they can measure them, if they could measure spirit maybe then they would take it more seriously and see the light so to speak.

Belief is the strongest thing the human being possesses, without it what would we have achieved ? Thoughts are things and manifest into physical things, that can create and manifest anything into the physical reality. The universe is expanding out of so called "nothing" could this "nothing" or unknown source be the thoughts of a universal consciousness (that some call the creator god)?

Thoughts beliefs and emotions are not looked upon as having any structure or mass, but yet its these very things that caused human kind to get to the moon, over come near impossible odds and to heal the sick, its emotions and passions that have driven people to progress humans forward and to do things most thought where impossible. The wheel was created because of thought. Our voices and words are our thoughts projecting to others, which then puts that thought into the thoughts of those that hear them as sound that also cant be seen as matter, yet its conscious thought that has given us what we have and see today, perfect proof that our consciousness is limitless and eternal, IT CANT BE MEASURED because it just keeps going.

Thoughts have also destroyed as well as created. Thoughts can be as positive and as negative as nature can be, just as light is to dark, but out of destruction always comes creation. Energy can not be destroyed only changed into another form. I do not see why the human consciousness would be any different, being consciousness is based on thought and belief, maybe belief is the highest form of consciousness, which allows you to see things that someone not so conscious of the unknown are unable to see?.

Our physical world is progressing and being created because of an expansion of human consciousness and understanding from non physical thoughts, why is it so hard to believe that the physical universe is not doing the same from some higher none physical consciousness, or a one universal consciousness, or creator consciousness? Thoughts are spirit, or god if you like. God is life, without thoughts (god) there is no life, and you would not exist.

All the best


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Science does not request being able to see something in order to believe in it. Science does require a repeatable and objectively measurable in order to confirm that a force exists, regardless of whether humans have faith in it or not. The existance of human thought can be objectively measured, although the content of thought still remains a mystery (I'm working on that, though). Whether something actually exists or not is actually secondary; science does not claim that this does exist and this does not, but rather that we have evidence of the existence of this, but no evidence of the existance of that.

There is, quite simply, no reason to believe that any force exist simply through the belief of humans. It is actually a bit arrogant to think that without our faith, a force of nature would cease to be. While there is no biological reason to consider humans any different from any other animal on Earth, there is ample psychological precedent towards the desire to attribute greatness to ourselves, particularly through the control of the unknown.

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