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Holy Vase

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Here's an interesting account that I'm wondering what everyone thinks of. It seems to me that any religious discussion I have with anyone has to bring up the Holy vase... I'm sure you've all probably heard about what people say they've experienced when they took possession of it's photos. Anyway, last week I sent an email to the site of the holy vase for them send me some good pix. When I got the pictures and printed them out, I put them on my desk and a friend of mine saw the photos and told me that he was going to buy a lottery ticket and see what will happen, he also asked me to do so too - but I thought that was ridiculous and I refused. On my way home I stopped at a gas station to fill up, and there, I met an old friend whom I hadn't seen in 7 years. I didn't have a paper to write his number on, so I picked a piece of paper from the ground and wrote on it's back the number. The next day I told my brother about meeting my friend and gave him the paper with his phone # on it. He noticed that this paper was a new lottery ticket and asked me about it (since I never buy lotto) but I told him that it was something that I had picked from the ground in haste. He said he'll check it out, but I told him that he was being silly and I left to return a video. When I got back home, my brother was yelling that we had won the lottery! ! ! The amount that we're getting is about $15,000 since this was shared by several winners. I was shocked since I consider myself to be a true SKEPTIC. Now I'm wondering what to think, when I asked religious people they seemed to agree that I was suddenly blessed.

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