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strange but true

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Thanks to the people who replied to my earlier post, (strange but true)

i just want to clear something up, re: my last post (strange but true) the lights i saw in my bedroom were oval, about 6 to 8 inches wide and in the center about 2 to 3 inches high, when i first entered my room the lights were right in front of me, they were in a line one on top of the other, going from floor to ceiling. They were the first thing i saw as i looked up from shutting the door, i gasped for breath at the sight of them and as i did they moved back, about five feet or so, as this happened i noticed that they were all over the walls, they were not bright but kind of like looking at a yelloish light, my husband was in bed, i did think that it might be some kind of light coming in from out side at first, i was a little shaken, i went to the bathroom like i said before with my head down, my bathroom ajoins the bedroom, to get there i have to walk through a small dressing room, when i turned into the dressing room i looked at my closset and the lights were all over that too, in lines from floor to ceiling as in the bedroom, if it was a light coming from outside it could not have lit up the dressing room in the same way, as for rubbing my eyes, yes i did a few times because i could not believe what i was seeing, i had not rubbed my eyes before seeing them and only did so when i reached the bathroom.

Like i said before, nothing like this has ever happened before, i was not scared, more shocked than anything. I am not a believer or disbeliever, i used to take this sort of thing with a pinch of salt, now i dont know.

Anyone have any suggestiions as to what it might have been

Thanks Cheryl

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