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UM Awards 2005: The Results


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After two weeks of nominations and a further two weeks of voting, the 2005 UM Awards have now drawn to a close. My thanks to everyone who has participated, either by nominating or voting, and congratulations to all those who made it to the final vote. There can however only be one winner for each category, and now it is time to announce the winners.

Best Member Blog

Total Votes: 56 - Nominated Blogs: 7

Winner: Disinterested (13 votes) - Runner Up: Burnside (12 votes)

Best Member (Male)

Total Votes: 97 - Nominated Members: 9

Winner: Burnside (23 votes) - Runner Up: SaRuMaN (15 votes)

Best Member (Female)

Total Votes: 114 - Nominated Members: 10

Winner: Seraphina (25 votes) - Joint Runner Up: Lilaburrows/Daughter of the Nine Moons (16 votes)

Best Topical Thread

Total Votes: 58 - Nominated Threads: 4

Winner: Sera's Graveyard Experiment(25 votes) - Runner Up: Miracles in your life(12 votes)

Funniest Member

Total Votes: 83 - Nominated Members: 8

Winner: Moe Eubleck (24 Votes) - Runner Up: Snuffypuffer (17 votes)

Best Member Signature

Total Votes: 74 - Nominated Members: 8

Winner: Janiel (28 votes) - Runner Up: Burnside (14 votes)


user posted image


user posted image

Best Member Avatar

Total Votes: 73 - Nominated Members: 6

Winner: Burnside (20 votes) - Runner Up: Seraphina (16 votes)


user posted image


user posted image

Most Annoying Member Avatar

Total Votes: 77 - Nominated Members: 7

Winner: Lilaburrows (23 votes) - Runner Up: Goddesswhispers (13 votes)


user posted image


user posted image

Most Original Username

Total Votes: 90 - Nominated Members: 9

Winner: TaintedDoughnuts (18 votes) - Runner Up: Dancing Dumplings (15 votes)

Most Bizarre Member

Total Votes: 90 - Nominated Members: 10

Winner: Moe Eubleck (25 votes) - Runner Up: Ashley Starchild (19 votes)

Best Member Quote

Total Votes: 76 - Nominated Members: 3

Winner: Kismit (30 votes) - Runner Up: Seraphina (29 votes)

and last but by no means least, the highly coveted:

Member Most Likely to be an Alien

Total Votes: 85 - Nominated Members: 9

Winner: Moe Eubleck (21 votes) - Runner Up: Ashley Starchild (18 votes)

Congratulations to all our winners. thumbsup.gif

Special Awards

In addition to the above, this year we have a few special awards to hand out. These can not be obtained through voting, and are therefore much harder to get.

UM Chess Tournament Champion 2005

This award is for the winner of this years UM Chess Tournament which also ends today.

The award goes to Talon - who succeeded in topping the tournament scoreboard while managing to get through all his games without losing a single game. Congratulations. thumbsup.gif

Special Contribution Award

This award goes to two members who initiated one of the most helpful and appreciated threads on the UM forums. Those who want a new avatar graphic and need someone to help make one for them know where to go - and it's thanks to these two individuals that the Animated Avatar Workshop exists today.

The award goes to TheBarMan and UniversalAbsurdity for founding the Animated Avatar Workshop and giving up their free time to help make free avatars for members of this forum. Thankyou. thumbsup.gif

Community Appreciation: A Special Mention

This brings me to the last of the awards, although not quite an 'award' as such, the awards give me the ideal opportunity to offer a special mention to the group of members who have contributed the most to this forum, and are responsible for the success enjoyed by Unexplained Mysteries over the years.

I'd like to offer my sincerest thanks to the Moderators of UM for their continued help and giving up their free time to maintain what is the largest paranormal discussion forum in the world - no mean feat. There are at present just 8 moderators succeeding in keeping the peace on a 20,000 member strong forum - and doing one hell of a good job of it too.

And so a big thankyou to both the moderators of the present:

Magikman, Tommy, Kismit, Thistle, UniversalAbsurdity, Fluffybunny, Burnside and Subtemperate.

and to the moderators of the past:

Kira, Phantom, Althalus, Aslan, TheOracle, Mentalcase and Blood_Angel

and also to our Debate Organisers who are doing a fantastic job on the debates board:

Lottie and Disinterested

Thankyou thumbsup.gif

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Congratulations to all the winners.

I second the awards handed to the moderators. You guys absolutely rock and make the UM experience one of the best on the net. Keep up the work thumbsup.gif

All the best guys.

Edited by Paranoid Android
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Congratz Disinterested, Burnside, Seraphina, Moe Eubleck, Janiel, Lilaburrows, TaintedDoughnuts, Kismit and Talon (for chess tourney)!!! thumbsup.gif

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WooHoo congrats to all who gained an award, but also congrats to every single member here.... you all rock grin2.gif


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Congrats to all of the lucky winners, with my only concern is that third doesn't come up as a mention here... no bronze? *cough*

Well done to all original.gif

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Congrats everyone!! Its because of people like you that I love spending time on here!!

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Woohoo! Congrats everyone, and especially me. grin2.gif

Author of Best Signature 2005

ohmy.gif !

freaking cool!

Edited by Janiel
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Congrats to all the winners! thumbsup.gif

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Congratulations to all those who won. And kudos to those who were nominated. thumbsup.gif

Good job on winning the new title, Janiel. grin2.gif

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LilaBurrows, you were very deserving to win the worst avatar. original.gif Although because you changed your avatar, it's not the correct one posted. sad.gif Could you post your avatar pic, so we can see what we voted for? grin2.gif

Disinterested best blog!! So deserving, congratulations my wub! wub.gif

Congratulations to Seraphina for achieving best female member, having the best topic overall, having a freaking awesome avatar and excellent quote!

Way to go Moe for not only being the funniest member of the board, but also the most bizarre member, AND an alien!

Janiel i think the award for author of best signature is a understatment. You've created so many sigs in the past year, not only excellent ones for yourself but also for many other members, including several for myself, so no one deserves that award more.

Excellent username TaintedDougnuts!!

Way to go Talon for simply blowing away the Chess Tourney, an incredible performance and indeed, thank you for the learning tips. grin2.gif

Kismit excellent quote and, along with all my fellow compadres, Fluffybunny, Magikman, Thistle, UniversalAbsurdity, Tommy and Subtemperate thank you for being the best darn mods on the net!!

And of course without TheBarman and UniversalAbsurdity i could not have even thought of winning best Avatar or being nominated for best signature. All i've done is choose the image, they have taken this image and made some amazing things out of it. And of course, not just me, they have delighted many many members for their contributions. Thank you.

I want to thank you all for voting for me for the Best Member, but i don't think it's quite deserving.

Really, this award could have gone to one person only. Without him, we wouldn't even have a website to share our common liking for the unexplained mysteries, and by just looking at the incredible sucess of the site should be enough to award him the best member, because as far as i know, along with dAz he has moderated and built this site from the ground up.

Maybe a very special award is needed, for SaRuMaN for creating one of the best darn websites on the entire net, and more than that, for being such an awesome guy too. Cheers!

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Congrats to all members who got nominated and won! original.gif

I really can't believe I won best blog though. I kept expecting BurnSide to jump ahead of me! grin2.gif

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There it is!! laugh.gif

Thanks hon.

I want to add that i found it rather strange that not only did you win this award, but you had so many votes for BEST avatar!

Wouldn't it have been strange to win both. laugh.gif

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Here we thank the patience of the mods: here we thank they that keep the commandments of Moe, and the faith of MOEness. Here we thank and hearken many congratluatory handshakes and embraces for those others who bear such jazzy new titles, here we jiggle to the grooves of the runner ups and other nominees.

Then shalt thou call Moe Bizarre, Funny and Alien, and Moe shall answer; Moe shalt cry.

Be not deceived; Moe is not mocked by being labeled "alien" : for whatsoever a Moe soweth, that shall we also reap. For they that barks like the dog, hearkens furballs like the cat and grazes like the cow ought to be medicated , but they that soweth to wholesome jazzy groove shall of the UM reap such titles. And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall all reap such UM awards if we avoid excessive consumption of the ale and reef.

Now , Sing, O UMers; and be joyful, and jazzful; and break forth into singing, O dance the samba!!! : for the Moe hath comforted his people with laughter and hath made many a poster's eyeballs roll wholesomely!!

We thankee kindly. You have put gladness in Moe's heart, more than in the time that Moe's stores of yaks and camels increased.

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Thank you one and all for the many votes. I shall endevour to bring many more years of Seraphina orientated goodness. As you all know, I am a person of few words *coughs*....honestly, I am...and so I shall make me acceptance speach short(ish).

A thank you to all those who voted for me, as I know my name was one that could very easily have been lost in the pile among members who have contributed a great deal to this forum down through the ages tongue.gif You have brought great and fuzzy joy to a currently very sickly Seraphina tongue.gif

I would also like to thank the Gord, who taught me much in the way of sarcasm, and who made me the biting whit that I am today tongue.gif No doubt, my ability to be a snappy little puppy is one of the many things that has kept my name in people's heads so long, despite many spells away from the forum tongue.gif

Thanks also for the overwhelming votes for best topical thread tongue.gif Sarcasm truly was in abundance that night tongue.gif

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Congratulations all the winners, and runner-ups, and of course losers happy.gif

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I'd like to congratulate all those who won this year...way to go guys(Sera...Im still looking for your crown sweetie)

But,I would like to say a huge thanks to those who nominated and then voted for me...you guys know who you are(wish I did... laugh.gif )you are great...thank you from the bottom of my heart. wub.gifwub.gif

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Then shalt thou call Moe Bizarre, Funny and Alien, and Moe shall answer;


Is this not called a Hat Trick? grin2.gif

Well done everybody!

And thanks to anyone who nominated me or voted for me. You made me feel good and you made me smile. wub.gif

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yay congrates to all the winners

user posted image

mabey next year will be my year wink2.gif


Edited by aliennobasoure
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Next year aliennobasoure, next year..

Winner: Kismit (30 votes) - Runner Up: Seraphina (29 votes) It's really is nice to be alongside Sera in the win, and Saruman, need I tell you again that you do rock yes.gif

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Congrats to all. thumbsup.gif

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