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Why is Canada a member of G8?

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I'm not saying Canada shouldn't be. I just thought I'd post something that I found.


GDP Economic Rank G8 Attendee $ Millions 2004 GDP/Capita Representative Title Status

1 United States 11,667,515 $37,800 George W. Bush President Member G6

2 Japan 4,623,398 $28,200 Junichiro Koizumi Prime Minister Member G6

3 Germany 2,714,418 $27,600 Gerhard Schroder Chancellor Member G6

4 United Kingdom 2,140,898 $27,700 Tony Blair Prime Minister Member G6

5 France 2,002,582 $27,600 Jacques Chirac President Member G6

6 Italy 1,672,302 $26,700 Silvio Burlesconi President Member G6

7 China 1,649,329 $5,000 Hu Jintao President outreach attendee

8 Spain 991,442 $22,000 WILL NEVER BE INVITED

9 Canada 979,764 $29,800 Paul Martin Prime Minister Member G7 invited by Ford

10 India 691,876 $2,900 Manmohan Singh Prime Minister outreach attendee

11 Korea 679,674 $17,800 NOT INVITED

12 Mexico 676,497 $9,000 Vicente Fox President outreach attendee

13 Australia 631,256 $29,000 SHOULD BE INVITED

14 Brazil 604,855 $7,600 Luis Inacio Lula da Silva President outreach attendee

15 Russia 582,395 $8,900 Vladimir Putin President Member G8 invited by Clinton


27 South Africa 210,938 $10,700 Thabo Mbeki President outreach attendee

IMF Rodrigo de Rato Managing Director Spain

World Bank Paul Wolfowitz President United States

International Energy Agency Claude Mandil Executive Director France

WTO Supachai Panitchpakdi Director General Thailand

UN Kofi Annan Secretary General Ghana

EU Jose Manuel Barroso President Portugal

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This is slightly out of date. Here are 2005's figures -

1 United States 12,438,873

2 Japan 4,799,061

3 Germany 2,906,658

4 United Kingdom 2,295,039

5 France 2,216,273

6 People's Republic of China (Mainland) 1,843,117

7 Italy 1,836,407

8 Spain 1,120,312

9 Canada 1,098,446

10 Russia 755,437

11 India 749,443

12 Brazil 732,078

13 South Korea 720,772

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Why will Spain never be invited?

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I don't think it is based solely on a nations GDP.

Here's a bit of background on the G8 from the official Canadian government site.

Canada's G8 Website

It looks like we started participating in the G8 in 1976, so maybe they just keep us around for old times sake wink2.gif

This is interesting...did you know that there is also a G20?

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because we are one of the most advanced, technologicly and economicly in the world.


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The G8 has proved useless in helping solve many of the world's problems.

This is just a rich boys' show-off in front of tv cameras. Very condescending behaviour! disgust.gif

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