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teslas free energy apparatus ?

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this apparandus was suposed to rid the world of using wood, coal, or any thing powered by steam

description of the apparatus from the source

long cylinder of glass filled with water, and surrounded by a circle of large mirrors. The roof over this apparatus is of glass, and as the sun pours its rays through this, the rays strike the mirrors and are reflected again towards the glass cylinder, magnifying glasses intensifying the heat of the rays before they strike the cylinder.

saiz it would be so cheap to buy one even the poorest of families could get it?

seems like it should of got released but why?break in the economy for wood, coal etc...

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These weren't used for the same reason that we are still using petrol in our cars, because if energy was free then the governments wouldn't get any money out of us, just imagine how much money the British government would loose if we started using free fuel in our car tomorrow, with petrol costing about 88p per litre and only about 20p of that going to the company, that would be most of their budget gone. As usual worldwide free energy is stopped because those in charge would loose out.

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meant to say why not*  blush.gif  blush.gif


If you press the EDIT button on your previous post you can modify it without double posting. original.gif

But yeah, there must be a few great ideas for mass-scale renewable energy (non-wind, water etc) that never got to see the light of day due to the oil/gas economy. Or at least they won't see the light of day until the other supplies are exhausted and the economies can make a more gradual transition to something new...

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and i wud stop buying toyotas laugh.giflaugh.gif

i dont have a lot of money for gas

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There are so many things in this world that would make it so much better but due to beuracratic bull**** it never sees the light of day.... I bet if an "american" had invented what Tesla did it would be all over the world since it would be "american" and the "americans" could feel proud of it.....*cough* Thomas *Cough* Edison was the biggest thief in the world....inventor my ass....

Disclaimer - I'm not trying to insult any Americans, merely stating that in the past nationalities prevented certain inventions from coming to light...

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well spoken  thumbsup.gif  thumbsup.gif



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but do u know how long ago he made his ??

100 + years

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Also he invented an electric car in the early 1900's that could draw it's power from the atmosphere, he was so far ahead of his time I don't think we've reached his level yet.

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