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...and now a random fact about Vin Deisel


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When your foot falls asleep, thousands of tiny Vin Diesel's are actually inside you poking you with knives.

If one million Vin Diesels were given one million typewriters and locked in a room, they would eventually produce the entire works of J.R.R. Tolkien.

It is a little known fact that before finding work as an actor, Vin Diesel worked as a ring wraith for Sauromon.

Created Halo, GTA-Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Doom3, and Fable in the span of a fortnight. During the creation of Doom3 and Fable, he was simutaneously fighting off hordes of zombie ninjas. Hence, the reason why both games did not live up to their original hype.

Vin diesel can communicate with dolphins.

Vin Diesel actually painted all the works of Michelangelo, but lost them to said "artist" after he bet that he could drink the entire ocean. Diesel almost succeeded, but gagged on a giant squid at the last moment.

Vin Diesel lines his trombone case with the souls of the damned.

Vin Diesel lives in every man's refrigerator just to turn the light on when it is opened. For entertainment Vin Diesel arm-wrestles the arm pictured on "Arm and Hammer" baking soda. The loser then must keep the refrigerator fresh until death. Vin Diesel never loses this epic battle.


I'll stop...

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I am currently carrying Vin Diesel's triplets, being impregnated after watching Pitch Black, XXX and Chronicles of Riddick in one evening. yes, I think he is incredibly ****able.

Vin Diesel is so tough, he doesn’t have a sleep number.

Vin Diesel sculpted the entire Terracotta Army in China. In a day. With his penis.

Abraham Lincoln is a myth. He was nothing more than Vin Diesel wearing a fake beard and stove pipe hat.

Vin Diesel loves lamp.

Edited by Jeremy_Rumbolt
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Vin Diesel is the physical manifestation of the combined hopes and dreams of an entire race of small, burrowing mammals as yet undiscovered by science.

Vin Diesel played the shark in Jaws 2. He won the part after killing the original Jaws with mind bullets.

Vin Diesel once arm wrestled Patrick Swayze and beat him so fast that it was literally over before it began.

It has been proposed by some people that Vin Diesel may not actually exist, and is simply a myth told to children to keep them in line. The reason these allegations are not well known is due to the fact that everyone who makes such allegations is found nude in a field with their skin removed and replaced by "Keep on Trucking!" bumper stickers.

Never, ever, say 'Vin Diesel' five times whilst looking into a mirror. Nothing happens, but you look like a ****.

Vin Diesel can listen to an audio CD by twirling it on his finger and licking the surface.

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Oh no! Apparently the Vin Deisel fact generator was shut down, just like the bob saget one. DAMNIT!

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OMG I am bummed out! Just reading what you guys saw made me pee myself!!
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Good news. The Vin Deisel Fact Gnerator is back online. original.gif

A lot of people find the word midget to be offensive; Vin Diesel doesn't care what you call them as long as they are not over-cooked and come with a side of cole slaw.

When Vin Diesel thinks of the starving children of Africa, his tears make the skies above them cloud up and rain - a rain of pure acid that kills all the livestock and crops. But his smile can light up a room.

Vin Diesel's cell phone has the Ghost Busters on speed dial.

Vin Diesel once consumed 2,847 regulation hockey pucks in a single sitting.

If you see Vin Diesel in a dark alley, you're probably dreaming. If you're not dreaming though, you're probably dead already, so it won't matter.

I saw Vin Diesel buying a hip flask once, and was unable to move any muscle in my body for 37 hours. I was lucky - people have died just from being in his presence.

Vin Diesel has just been added to the periodic table, as he is a pure element unto himself. The symbol for Vin Diesel is Vn, because Vd would've implied STDs. This is ironic because the bacteria in Vin Diesel's penis will instantly kill any STD and/or small mammal on contact.

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Vin Diesel Is in fact Luke Skywalker's Father.

Vin Diesel is the fifth Ninja Turtle.

Vin Diesel's backhair naturally forms the word "Vanderspawn", a word rumored to represent the antichrist.

If one attempts to calculate the awesomeness factor of Vin Diesel, cubed by the awesomeness of a badger divided by the awesomeness of ninja-pirates, one has the basis for the weapon that destroys the universe.

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I refuse to let this thread die!

Vin Diesel sits in on all Pentagon war planning sessions, even though all he does is scream and toss hot coffee at everyone present.

The Tripods in the movie "War of the Worlds" are based on Vin Diesel's own custom built vehicle, even down to the killer heat beams. The Vinmobile lacks the cages filled with human prisoners however, instead opting to be fuelled on fossil fuels and whale eggs.

Vin Diesel can overclock a Commodore 64 to roughly 3600 petahertz.

For best results, store Vin Diesel at room temperature.

Vin Diesel gets indigestion after swallowing his pride.

Vin Diesel hates to be called "Vinny D," and will forcefully remove the pancreas of anyone who attempts to.

Edited by Shakezulah
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Vin Diesel has the only known fully functional, cast-iron pancreas.

Vin Diesel created the Earth because he was tired of not being able to breathe in space.

Vin Diesel once took a holiday in hell because the core of the earth was “too cold.”

Contrary to popular belief, Vin does not live his life a quarter mile at a time. He uses the metric system.

Vin Diesel lives in every man's refrigerator just to turn the light on when it is opened. For entertainment Vin Diesel arm-wrestles the arm pictured on "Arm and Hammer" baking soda. The loser then must keep the refrigerator fresh until death. Vin Diesel never loses this epic battle.

Vin Diesel : Stevan Seagal :: Anakin Skywalker : Obi-wan Kenobi

Vin Diesel is best known as "Duke Nukem" from the award winning anime series "Captain Planet."

The name Vin Diesel is a derivative of "Vindikov Dyezelski," which is Russian for "hairless marsupial".

It's a well-known fact that Vin Diesel plays Dungeons & Dragons, but a lesser-known fact is that he plays D&D with Owen Wilson, Kevin Spacey, and Carrie-Anne Moss. Jeff Goldblum is the Dungeon Master.

Vin Diesel is fully backwards-compatible with all versions of the Nintendo GameBoy.

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What the heck is up with this?

*Vin Diesel touches my tra la la.

*When one visits Las Vegas they are not entering a city but in fact Vin Diesel's colorful anus.

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Vin Diesel gets high by snorting small Canadian children.

Even though his lower half is cybernetic, his left knee cap is actually bone. But it isn't his bone. It is the kneecap of one Eister Rauchstein, holocaust victim at Auschwitz. The immortal spirit of Eister is trapped in the kneecap and Vin taps its energy to regenerate his wounds, or survive without food and water for days.

Vin Diesel works for the French government as a model for the socialized hat industry.

Vin Diesel got p***ed off when he found out that the Gods at Olympus created Pandora without his help so he sh** into a box and told Mercury to bring it to Pandora.

As part of his morning routine, Vin Diesel stretches by defeating 20 armed ninjas that jump out of various household appliances.

Side effects of Vin Diesel may include nausea, dizziness, drymouth, and leprosy. Do not use Vin Diesel if you are smoking, pregnant, may become pregnant, or have a family history of pregnancy. Consult your doctor to see if Vin Diesel is right for you.

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Vin Diesel once thought he was a Highlander, but gave up the theory after numerous beheadings didn't lead to any lightning. He is, however, immortal.

Vin Diesel did the voice of the Giant in the animated movie "The Iron Giant", which oddly enough, was the same name that he gave his colon polyp.

Vin Diesel is the secret behind Busch's Baked Beans.

Back in the 70's there was a Schoolhouse Rock episode called "It's Groovy to Be Diesel." The episode was only shown once, because it was found to cause epilepsy in small children.

Despite being hairless, biologists believe Vin Diesel to be a mammal.

Vin Diesel hates the world so much, that he sent us his children in the form of 50 Cent and Ashlee Simpson.

Vin Diesel insists that everyone must Wang Chung tonight.

Vin Diesel is the only man to have safely fallen from 20,000 feet without a parachute - the Hand of God appeared to catch him before he hit the ground, afterwards God appologised for leaving it so late, but Vin forgave him anyway.

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For breakfast Vin Diesel has a bowl of rusty nails and grain alcohol, with a tall glass of molten lead. For lunch he eats the soul of a third world country's dictator with a ceaser salad. For Dinner he eats a rack of being of inconcievable horror. And for dessert he shoots himself in the face with a .45 magnum.

Vin Diesel defeated Forrest Gump in 99 straight games of ping pong. After losing the 100th game, he went on a rampage and created the Grand Canyon.

Whenever Vin Diesel thinks about a song, any song, everyone in his immediate vicinity not only hears it, but they are also forced to rock out and sing to it in high pitched voices.

Vin Diesel once raced the Honey Nut Cheerio's bee to the edge of the Earth, where there was a bowl of Cheerios waiting. When they got there, Tony the Tiger was already eating them, so Vin skinned him and now he wears Tony as a fur coat.

Vin Diesel invented "Just for Men" hair dye when attempting to make a low-priced substitute for crystal meth. He received a mere pittance for the recipe.

Vin Diesel owns a logging company. His only other employee being a blue ox.

Vin Diesel achieved literary success in the late 1800's after authoring the internationally reknowned narrative of human life during the Napoleonic Wars, War & Peace. What most Vin Diesel fans don't know is that when it was originally printed in the Russian language, the title actually translated to War: What Is It Good For?. It was also published under the pseudonym Leo Tolstoy, but this is common knowledge.

"Vin Diesel" spelled backwards is "Leseid Niv". When confronted with this fact in a recent interview, Vin Diesel pulled out a toilet plunger and stuck it to the face of the interviewer in a comical manner. Unfortunately, the interviewer suffocated to death. Vin was promptly arrested for murder, but was released 2 hours later when it was revealed that he is actually Santa Claus and thus has diplomatic immunity.

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Musn't let thread die...

Upon trimming Vin Diesel's nose hairs, archeologists were stunned to discover the Ark of the Covenant.

Vin Diesel's only known lover was a time-travelling Martian fairy princess.

Vin Diesel killed a member of PETA to grow more of them in his garden.

On April 30, 1975, at 8:35am, ten Marines departed the US Embassy in Saigon, concluding the United States presence in Vietnam. Just 6 days later (May 6, 1975), Vin Diesel set foot on the coast of Da Nang carrying only a loaded Magnum revolver that held six shots and a Louisville Slugger with a rusted nail driven through it. On the dawn of May 8, 1975, the entire Viet Cong army had been found dead.

Vin Diesel needed glasses but then he channeled the long dormant spirit of John Stamos's acting career and the concentrated energy alone was enough to perform the necessary eye surgery and twice bake a Hot Pocket the size of a Buick LeSabre.

Professor X is actually Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel fears change. Especially dimes.

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If Vin Diesel was in the movie Battlefield Earth, it would have made $852 billion in box office revenue in its first thirty seconds of release.

(lmao laugh.gif ^^^)

Light reflected from the surface of Vin Diesel takes approximately six minutes to reach the earth.

Vin Diesel is Riddickulous.

Vin is opposed to the holiday of chanukah. He would end it, but he likes playing with dradles.

Vin Diesel had conclusive scientific proof that Pi equaled exactly 3, but his dog ate it.

His father was a school bus.

Vin Diesel plays counter strike and goes by the name "myg0t_ViN+DieSeL=GoDLiKe".

Vin Diesel has a collection of mounted Oompa Loompa heads in his den.

When Vin was asked why he never goes to the bathroom, he replied, "What happens in Vin Diesel, stays in Vin Diesel."

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Vin Diesel caused the Great Chicago Fire when trying to burn human beings with a magnifying glass

The song "Puff the Magic Dragon" is based on Vin Diesel's adventures through medieval Europe with a talking mutton chop.

If you cut one of Vin Diesel's limbs off, it will grow back twice as large

Vin Diesel enjoys a game of golf, but it has less to do with strategic club selection and the grace of the swing, and more to do with eating golf balls.

Vin Diesel removed the word victory from the French language after conquering France in 6 hours using only a salad fork. During the campaign, all French deodorant manufacturing plants were destroyed.

Vin Diesel chooses Pepsi™ over Coke™. However, Vin Diesel also chooses his namesake diesel fuel over Pepsi

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Vin Diesel cry tears of joy whenever we rub his bald head. yes.gif

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BUMP! This thread must live on.

Vin Diesel killed Kenny. He is a b******.

Vin Diesel thinks in Morse code.

The content of Cristal champagne is actually 98% Vin Diesel’s urine. The other 2% is battery acid, added only to balance the pH level.

His blood is a thick beef gravy.

Vin Diesel owns the other half of the mask from The Phantom of the Opera.

Vin Diesel has a twin brother named Evil Denis. He is actually quite nice; its just that their parents were fond of anagrams.

Vin Diesel has actually sh** bricks, which in turn create element withstanding structures such as office buildings and parking ramps.

Vin Diesel can say the alphabet backwards while drunk, and in 20 different languages simultaniously.

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Saying the words "MOLAKUM, VORADEUS, GLORKANO!" will turn his skin bright green for 20 minutes. You can do this up to 6 times a day.

He once challenged the bones of Bruce Lee to a fistfight, and lost.

Vin Diesel eats Chinese men for breakfast. But he swears it's only to keep population in check.

Vin Diesel once defeated God in a best of seven tic-tac-toe contest.

There are 48 signs in American Sign Language for Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel played the shark in Jaws 2. He won the part after killing the original Jaws with mind bullets.

All of the visits to this site were made by Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel created Earth as an expansion pack to Command & Conquer.

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Vin Diesel created Earth as an expansion pack to Command & Conquer.


You actually found that one? I was waiting to find it, but I never did. tongue.gif Someone on another site said something about it and I really wanted to see it.


Vin Diesel was originally cast as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. He was fired for eating the Hobbits between takes and making Orlando Bloom his b****.

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Vin Diesel regularly outruns the 8:15 pm train from Sacramento to Los Angeles whilst juggling three dumpsters.

When golfing, if you accidentally miss the fairway, yelling 'Vin Diesel' will make the ball automatically appear on the green. Just try not to use it too often.

Vin Diesel wanted a nipple ring but his skin was unable to be penetrated by the tattooist's needle.

His ears are artificially synthesized out of bread crumbs, which is why ducks find them so delicious.

The concept for the Super Mario Bros. series (including the "Mario Bros." game) was actually invented by Vin Diesel. He did not have to jump on anything (simply walking was sufficient to pound anything in his way into a pancake), but he did regularly destroy overhanging bricks with his head. This is theorized to be the cause of his baldness.

Vin Diesel not only can lift Thor's hammer, he once borrowed it to re-shingle his roof. Thor was p***ed when he found out.

Vin Diesel once ran out of alcohol, and tried drinking gasoline instead. He found it so delicious he singlehandedly caused the gas shortage of 1974.

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Area 51 is a secret utopian society founded by Vin Diesel, initially founded as a safehouse for his alien bretheren, but later opened to his most loyal followers.

Most men's nipples have no real function, but Vin Diesel's are hard enough to cut through virtually all substances, he uses them to shape diamonds, but only those over 3 carats

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*Vin Diesel eats his own feces, not for nutritional value, just because it's delicious.

That about sums that up..........

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