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France expels 'radical preacher'

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France expels 'radical preacher'

France has deported a radical Islamist preacher from Algeria said to have given pro-jihad speeches in a mosque in north-east Paris.

Reda Ameuroud, 35, was sent back to Algeria on a ship from Marseille.

The French interior ministry said it is planning to expel 10 more radical Islamists in August.

Mr Ameuroud's brother, Abderahmane, 27, was sentenced to seven years in prison in May for helping two Tunisians who killed an Afghan commander in 2001.

Abderahmane Ameuroud, who has been permanently banned from French territory, is also suspected of involvement in the training of would-be jihadists in the forest of Fontainebleau, west of Paris.

The deportation "has been carried out without incident," said a ministry official.


Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday told the daily Le Parisien that a man of Algerian descent who had spoken "heinous words" against France was about to be expelled.

Mr Ameuroud is believed to be a member of the radical Salafist movement.

France is cracking down on extremists who preach violence in the wake of London's 7 July bombing.

France has expelled several people since the beginning of the year, including one imam.

Earlier in July, after a meeting with his counterpart in Madrid, Mr Sarkozy said France did not have to tolerate radical preaching "which on the pretext that it is happening in a place of worship calls for hate and murder".

"Those who persist in this way will systematically be the object of an expulsion procedure," he added.

Story from BBC NEWS:

He'll end up comming here. I wish the UK was more like France. In the end half od what happens in the UK we're asking for by welcoming this people. I mean for god's sakes, 2 days after 7/7 and we welcomed in some radical the US had just thrown out. The UK really is pathetic, we wont even stand up for ourselves.

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That's how to deal with them yes.gif

You don't like it here? You want us butchered? then sod off and never come back you evil hate preaching git.

Maybe we should get a minister of deporting extremeist idiots to personally shove them off the boat and stick his middle finger up at them as it sails away

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