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What kind of food?

El Presidente Ezequiel

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Peta: People




Now, I think reincarnation is trash so I won't worry about being a pig etc in my next life. Humans bad....naw we are the masters of this planet (although we do get our responsibilities messed up sometimes)

And about the pic Kaj put up....If your going to cater to either cannibals or porn creeps next pic you put up better have full frontal nudity..... grin2.gif

Pass those ribs....

btw...I know how my steaks get to me...I live on a beef farm and it doesn't bother me a bit.

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when i die i want to be an angel. it may sound stupid but that's what i want to do for eternity. thumbsup.gif

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{shrugs, kills a cow and butchers it. Begins barbecue. steps on a few bugs to stop their sould transmigration....then decides to hunt aliens to see what they taste like...}

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Thanks for that. Very helpful.

This thread's had it now as a sensible ( dontgetit.gif ) discussion, I think.

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