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500 extremists on British Government's hit list

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From The News of the World

EXCLUSIVE: Radical clerics to be deported


By Ian Kirby

FIVE hundred radical Muslim extremists are to be deported by the government, the News of the World can reveal.

Immigration officials have already been given a list of names —compiled by MI5—and told to begin proceedings.

The first could be sent back to their homeland over the next two weeks.

Among the first to be deported will be a DOZEN radical clerics. But hundreds of other foreign extremists, including some Islamic bookshop owners, writers, teachers and website operators will also go.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke will begin the process when he returns from holiday this week. He will issue deportation orders and the people will be forcibly booted out. They will then be able to appeal—from abroad.

All 500 have been taken from a "watch list" of extremists compiled over the past five years by the Intelligence Service. Their identities are being kept secret so that they will not be able to go into hiding or mount a legal challenge.

Officials at both the Home Office and the Foreign Office revealed an "initial wave" of up to 100 people will be booted out in the next month.

Another 100 foreign nationals will then be sent home by the end of the year. And 300 more will be sent home next year once the government has new laws in place to strip them of their British citizenship and force them back to the countries of their birth.

Over the next week agreements will be completed with ten African and Middle Eastern countries to make sure they will accept the extremists. The government has already signed a "memorandum of understanding" with Jordan.

Similar agreements will be made with nine other countries including Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Kenya and Lebanon. The government is also trying to do a deal with Saudi Arabia.

News of the massive crackdown follows PM Tony Blair's announcement on Friday of a purge on terrorists and extremists. A senior Home Office official said: "Just as the police operation over the past four weeks has been dynamic and fast-paced, so will our response."

The News of the World can also reveal Parliament WILL be recalled. MPs will be ordered to cut their holidays and be back in Westminster in five weeks. On September 12 the new Anti-Terrorism Bill will be presented to Parliament.

One prominent Muslim cleric yesterday caused outrage by comparing the crackdown on extremists to Adolf Hitler's demonisation of the Jews in pre-war Germany.

Dr Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Mosque, said: "He (Hitler) started a process of elimination of Jewish people. I see the similarities."


ANTI-TERROR cops are continuing to probe a haul of fake passports handed to them by the News of the World last week.


GIRL In The Mask bomb victim Davinia Turrell showed her defiance of the terrorists who tried to kill her, bravely using public transport in London again.

Davinia, famously pictured with her face covered after it was burned in the 7/7 attack on Edgware Road Tube, queued for a bus near her home in London's Docklands. The 24-year-old law graduate is being supported by family and friends as she tries to come to terms with what happened and rebuild her life.

And she knows the one thing she must not do is change it just because of the fanatics' evil intent.

Her only concession was to wear a floppy hat to hide the injuries to her face.

A family friend said: "Davinia is a very strong-willed woman. Her greatest fear was travelling by public transport again but she has summoned this great courage."

DO you have a story? Call us any day free on 0800 279 3786, text us on 07770 381560 or email us at newsdesk@notw.co.uk

www.newsoftheworld.co.uk . . .

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i wouldn't be fussed if these people happened to find their way onto one of those 'secret cia flights'


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Well, you know...that's the Brits for you...deport them so they can go fight us in Iraq. rolleyes.gif

How about setting up a concentration camp for them so they can be watched closely? hmm.gifno.gif no, too politically incorrect...

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Well, you know...that's the Brits for you...deport them so they can go fight us in Iraq. 

How about setting up a concentration camp for them so they can be watched closely?   no, too politically incorrect...

better than being like the americans , who wait till halfway through each war, sometimes later (ww1, ww2, and even this mighty war on terror ,i might add terror, which millions of you actually sponsored ) before joining in, then proclaim it was they all along who were the great defenders of freedom and liberty.

concentration camps....you truly are a wonderful specimen joc.

in one thread you wow us with tales of how long it took us great beacons of freedom to repair germany and in another you think borrowing one of the most heinous inventions known to man, one which was utilised to great effect by the nazis, is actually a good idea. Bravo

i know you DONT know the differnce , but what your talking about are internment camps NOT concentration camps.

and they REALLY worked for us during the Irish troubles. Didnt they?

Edited by wunarmdscissor

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