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aleutian islands WWII

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Well,My grandfather went to the Aleutian Islands as a stationary right after the WWII started.

Read this,

On June 3, 1942 Japanese bombers attacked Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island. In bad weather, only half the planes found the target and little damage was done.

The Japanese invasions of Kiska on June 6, 1942 and Attu on June 7 initially met little resistance. Much of the native population of the islands — the Aleuts — had been forcibly evacuated before the invasion and interned in camps in the Alaska Panhandle where many died of disease and starvation. The 42 inhabitants who remained were taken to a prison camp near Otaru, Hokkaido; there, sixteen died.

There were 3,929 American casualties; 549 were killed, 1148 were injured, 1200 had severe cold injuries, 614 succumbed to disease, and 318 died of miscellaneous causes, largely Japanese booby traps and friendly fire. All in all, roughly 25% of the American forces were killed.

My grandfather was stranded there for 3 months.only 8 survived out of 50. only 1 is still living.I would like to why,they where there for 3 months after the japanesee abanded WWII. My grandfathers friend(who is still alive and well) told me that place was a living hell hole. that is my legend and myth.

Thank god for our techonlogy today.

RIP my grandfather,33 years ago today.

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Only eight survived out of,he must of bin lucky at the time.

my condolences go out to you bro. for all our men and women. yes.gif

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