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Unresolved Serial Cat Mutilations


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Family's fury after cat is mutilated Thursday, 15 August, 2002, Scotland



Guard your pet from cat killer by Sarah Clarke Oct 7 2004


A BRACKNELL family has been left devastated after their second cat in a year was mutilated and killed in a bizarre attack.

Cat Found Strangled in Back Garden. Apr 1 2004


ANIMAL cruelty inspectors are appealing for information after horrified homeowners found a dead cat which had been strangled and dumped in their Coley garden.

Cat Killer Hits Bracknell for Second Time By Sarah Clark Apr 1 2004


A SADISTIC cat killer has struck in Bracknell for the second time in as many weeks.

Bracknell - More People Sight Mysterious Craft in the Skies

MORE people have contacted the Bracknell News UFO hotline after seeing mysterious objects in the sky above Bracknell Forest


Grisly Killer's New Pet Victims by Adrian Kwintner First published on Thursday 30 June 2005:


A cat killer who snatches pets and dumps their mutilated bodies on their owners' doorsteps is feared to have struck again.

Cat Killer Attacks Seven More Pets


A serial cat killer who butchered dozens of pets has mutilated at least seven more.

Cat Killer Butchers Ten Pets


A cat killer is snatching pets from suburban streets, butchering them and dumping their mutilated bodies on their owners' doorsteps.

Fear That Cruel Cat Killer May Not Stop At Animals


A Criminologist fears a cat killer suspected of a series of macabre attacks on pets could go on to murder people.

Letter: Catch Cat Killer


LIKE most decent human beings, I had my day spoilt by reading about the ....

Intruder Cuts Off Rabbit's Head


A horrified mother is warning pet owners to be on their guard after her family's rabbit was savagely killed.


Horse Mutilations Plague England


AUTHORITIES suspect occult ritual in at least dozen incidents..


Police - Hunt Is On For Cat Killer Saturday 5th December 1998


POLICE are hunting a cat-killer who beheads pets across the capital.

Sadists Attack Pets Saturday 28th November 1998


The RSPCA and the police are meeting this week to discuss how to catch

sadists who have been mutilating pet cats all across London.

Despicable Thugs Behead Pet Rabbit Wednesday 21st March 2001


Despicable thugs behead pet rabbit

Pet Killer Strikes Yet Again As Mutilations Rise Towards 100 Saturday 26th December 1998


THE pet killer who is believed to be responsible for the mutilations of

cats and rabbits in London has struck in Brent Cross.

Killer Beheads Cats Then Drains Their Blood Saturday 28th November 1998


CAT owners have been put on red alert as police hunt a sadistic serial

cat killer who decapitates pets and drains their blood.

Serial Killer Beheads Cat Saturday 19th December 1998


A serial cat killer who decapitates pets and drains their blood has

struck in Twickenham for the first time.

On The Trail Of A Killer Saturday 14th November 1998


RSPCA inspector Nigel Shelton is a busy man -- he is currently

investigating more than 20 cases of bizarre animal mutilations.

Hunting A Cat Killer Saturday 14th November 1998


follows on from news story run in Barnet Oct 22 "Saving the Lives of Cats"

A spate of brutal cat killings across North London has left pet owners

terrified for their pets. A psychiatric expert believes the perpetrator

is in serious need of help. RSPCA inspector Nigel Shelton is a busy man

-- he is currently investigating more than 20 cases of bizarre animal


How Can Anyone Be So Cruel? Saturday 12th December 1998


The Surrey Comet's front page story on November 27 about the deaths of

50 pets left me shocked and angry that anyone could be so cruel. When I

showed it to the girls in Year Five at Thames Ditton Junior School, they

were just as upset and furious as I. Many of them have cats and rabbits,

and they were scared for them. I don't usually read the newspaper, but

if it concerns animals, then I do. I heard on the news that the animal

murderers are currently in Thames Ditton, which makes the news even more

worrying. I sincerely hope that the culprits are caught, and I know I

speak for the girls of Year Five and for any cat owner anywhere in England.

Family's Horror After Cat Is Mutilated Saturday 20th March 1999

http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/search/display.var.90166.0.familys_horror_after_cat_is_mutilated.phpFrom: Sutton Guardian

Reward For Pet Killer Is Raised Saturday 26th December 1998


THE pet killer who has mutilated cats and rabbits in London is believed

to have has struck in Brent Cross.

Bounty On Cat Killers Saturday 5th December 1998


A £1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the

conviction of the sadistic pet killers stalking the south-east.

Cash Reward To Catch Pet Killer Saturday 5th December 1998


A HUGE cash reward is being offered for information leading to the

conviction of a serial pet killer.

Reward Offered On Cat Killer Saturday 5th December 1998


A £1,000 reward has been offered to anyone who can help catch the sick

killer who has mutilated cats and rabbits in London.

Reward To Net Evil Killers Saturday 5th December 1998

http://www.thisislocallondon.co.uk/search/display.var.83399.0.reward_to_net_evil_killers.phpA £1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the

conviction of the sadistic pet killers stalking the south east.

Reward Offered For Capture Of Pet Killer Saturday 5th December 1998


A £1,000 reward has been offered to anyone who can help catch the pet

killer who has mutilated

cats and rabbits in London.

Cat Killer Is On The Loose Saturday 28th November 1998


A SADISTIC killer being linked to a string of disturbing attacks on

animals has struck twice in Bromley and once in Penge, it emerged this week.

Plea To Catch Pet Killer Saturday 23rd January 1999


An Epsom woman is offering a reward to catch the sick fiend who tortured

and killed her pet cat in the latest in a series of animal mutilations

to hit the region.

Beloved Cat Is Mutilated Tuesday 16th January 2001


Beloved cat is mutilated....

Woman's Trauma Over Gruesome Cat Murder Saturday 31st October 1998


A traumatised 68-year-old woman has warned pet owners to be extra

vigilant after neighbours found her cat dumped in a garden with its head


Beheaded Pet Cat Mystery Friday 17th August 2001


MYSTERY surrounds the death of a deaf, partially-sighted cat after her

owner found its head in her back garden.

Cats much worse than other killers Tuesday 5th August 2003


IN reply to your letter from Mr and Mrs Lee of Brampton Road, and Linda

Piper in Any Comments, regarding the culling of foxes because of

possible attacks on cats.

Warning As Cat Is Found Mutilated Saturday 20th February 1999


Warning as cat is found mutilated

Pets Are Found Butchered Saturday 28th November 1998


AN investigation is being launched to track down the animal killers who

have mutilated dozens of creatures including a cat in Norbury.

Pets Die At Hand Of Knifeman Saturday 23rd January 1999


A CAT and rabbit ha

ve been found slain in the latest in a string of

horror pet killings.

Pet Rabbit Beheaded. Saturday 25th July 1998


A RABBIT has been beheaded in a bizarre attack.

Mutilated Rabbit Had Head Torn Off. Monday 27th August 2001


SCHOOL caretaker Tristan Billers is warning people to watch over their

pets after his rabbit was savaged to death in a vicious attack.

Cat Found Skinned on Doorstep. Wednesday 1st May 2002


A NINE year-old cat was found by its horrified owner half skinned,

mutilated, and with its tail missing.

Editor's Comment Saturday 24th October 1998


THE sickening killing of pet cats will no doubt appal right thinking

members of the

Saving Cats' Lives. Saturday 14th November 1998


A spate of brutal cat killings across north London has left pet owners

terrified for their pets.

Cat Killer On The Loose Saturday 10th October 1998


A SADISTIC cat killer has been shooting moggies in Chingford for the

last 18 months.

Killer Dogs Seized Wednesday 10th May 2000


A pack of killer huskies wanted for slaughtering pet cats and rabbits

have been seized by police.

Foxes Blamed For Rabbit Slaughter Saturday 10th April 1999


FEARS that an animal-hater was prowling the streets taking knives to the

necks of pet rabbits have finally been put to rest by the RSPCA.

crying.gif Reasonable well-thought out responses only - no one-liners - thanks. yes.gif

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Animal abuse is evil, but what has this got to do with UFO's and aliens?

All the best


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crissangelslave, please don't quote long posts like that only to follow up with a one- lined response... it gets very annoying after a while original.gif

Anyways, it's sad, but it's not the work of aliens, just sadistic humans yes.gif

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THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH UFOs, there was a guy doing this like 8 years ago in one town, cat after cat after cat after cat, I like to shoot cats with BB guns, these aren't just cats, they are mean sick, brother sister cats that keep having kids, and they get dumb and annoying but plain cats are fine.

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Despite overwhelming anecdotal evidence that there is something other than your garden variety international gang of serial nocturnal cat mutilators - involved. People are unwilling to examine the anecdotal evidence - out of hand. They are rabidly anti-ufo / anti-paranormal, anti-soul These people I would suggest are not particualrly well read in this genre and suffer from a condition I have dubbed "chronic denial syndrome." yes.gif Some would suggest that this rigid- inflexible anti-intellectual stance as characteristic of human/saurian hybrids! blink.gif

As to what's responsible for this ongoing phenomenon? That's the 64 thousand dollar question! You alluded to the answer in the word "evil." These suburban cat mutilations bear more than a passing resemblance to the cattle mutilation phenomenon - which is also very much unresolved and certainly not readily explainable by more "pedestrian explanations" such as my favourite - carnivorous south american mice. With these cat mutilations the m.o. is repeated over and over. Briefly - the mutilation is committed within a very short time frame - usually around three in the morning. No obvious signs of struggle. No tracks. No blood at the scene - which leads investigators to conclude mutilations are committed elsewhere and that the carcass - or part of the carcass is returned to the homeowners property - or next door. Sometimes the mutilations are committed inside the owners home! Cuts are surgically precise - which discounts the earthly predator theory. Cats are typically mutilated in one of 4 or 5 different ways. Either paws or tails are removed. Animal is severed in half through the midsection - effectively rendering animal in two - one half of which is usually never located. <organs show signs of precise surgical extraction Occasionally cats will be found with neat triangular patches of flesh removed from their flanks - again surgically precise. And finally - cats are occasionally found slit open length-wise with organs surgically extracted and occasionally also the animals spine is missing! Also most commonly - I almost forgot to mention - is the beheading of the animal with again typically only the head or head and shoulders found. Also no obvious signs of struggle.

No arrests have been made or if there were - then suspects were quickly released as cat mutes continued while suspect(s) were incarcerated. I infact phoned the investigating officer in the Kelowna attacks (see below) and suggested that "just because there was an arrest made - don't expect these attacks to subsist" sure enough.... two days after their arrest - two more mutes were found..the RCMP had to release their man! yes.gif

These activities often occur in suburban metropolitan locations where fox or coyote attack explanations are untenable (yet largely accepted without question) Normally these kinds of earthbound predators do not exact or inflict surgically precise wounds.

Anyhow do some "cyber-snooping" bearing in mind the above "hallmarks" and you will quickly come to the conclusion that something is definitely engaging in wholesale animal mutilation and that it has yet to be identified - let alone apprehended! Think super-predator. Police have contacted me and encouraged my input in this matter...I'll share this much with you - it definitely resides firmly within the Fortean Realm. You figure it out... Like I said snoop around enough - do your cyber homework ... and you too will come to a rather startling conclusion!And then you can try collecting the multi-thousands in reward monies! You'll be the first to collect any money in this sordid affair!

Purloined Pets Perplex Plano Police

More Half Cat Deaths in Seattle Region.

The Mysterious Half Cats - UFOBC Article

Reward Offered as Cat Mutilations Continue in Toronto Ontario Canada

Alien Dave's Cat Mute Page - Utah (lots of cookies and java)

Wave of cat killings sparks fear, anxiety Aug 27, 2004

Kelowna Cat Killer Strikes Again...

In Your Wildest Dreams June 30th, 2003

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No, we're not denying anything. It's cat mutilations, although it's sad, IT'S NOT ALIEN RELATED. People get murdered/killed all the time in nasty ways(PM me if you want a site that shows it original.gif), but does that mean aliens did it? Of course not! Just because something can't be explained doesn't mean aliens/ bigfoot/ nessie/ chupacabra/ ghosts did it no.gif BTW, your articles aren't proving much more than the fact that there are serial cat killers out there.

P.S. Can you give us some "overwhelming otherwordly evidence" other than a couple websites that are trying to link aliens and cat mutilations together? Thanks! thumbsup.gif

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Sorry pressed the wrong button.I love cats and its really sad to see those cats like that its just so sad.

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Sorry pressed the wrong button.I love cats and its really sad to see those cats like that its just so sad.


No worries thumbsup.gif Even though I hate cats(I'm allergic and they scratch a lot!), it still is sad to hear about this ki9nd of stuff sad.gif

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People are so mean! sad.gif But should this be here since they where not cat's from outer space? w00t.gif

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Police in Two States Probe Cat Mutilation

Death toll hits 42

June 29, 2003

By Jason Felch, Special to The Denver Post


While many of the mutilations occurred during the summer and fall of 2002, cat carcasses have been found every week since the beginning of June.

(male)-> Kim Hughes found Bugsy lying still in the wet grass when he went to get the newspaper at 5:45 a.m. recently. He stooped down to gently shake the 15-year-old cat and only then saw the animal's lung in the grass a foot away.

He turned and walked into his Aurora house to tell his wife, Christy, the news. "Bugsy has been killed. Don't come out and look. You don't want to see it," he told her.

Six minutes later, Hughes went back outside to collect Bugsy and found a grisly new scene. The animal's small intestines and stomach had been arranged in "a ridiculous connect-the-dots" pattern, Hughes said. The scene was completely bloodless. Hughes looked down the block and saw no one in either direction.

Investigators told the family they believe Bugsy's killer may have "posed" the cat in front of the house and waited to see the family's reaction.

"That's as disturbing as the mutilation," said Christy Hughes. "I think evil is word for it. Not sick. Evil." .......

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there are also alien big cats appearring in u.k i don't mean cats from outer space meat eating cats that exist in other continents.No meat eating cats like lions,jaguars etc ever exist in u.k.

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Interestingly - in addition to UFO sightings - in the general time-frame and location of the domestic cat mutilations - Alien Big Cats also crop up in the search results for "cat killer" etc - also often also in the same general time-frame and geographic location. Alien Big Cats are certainly a mystery into of themself. Thanks for your input JNC. thumbsup.gif

user posted image

What Exactly is a Black Panther?

Edited by Way_Beyond
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Way Beyond, alien big cats became a problem in the U.K. because people use to keep them as pets, but they were banned(I believe in the 60's or 70's?), and so the people released them in the wild. NONE OF THIS STUFF IS ALIEN ACTIVITY!!!! Keep trying. And where is that "overwhelming otherworldly evidence" you had? I don't mean to sound mean, but you're backing up your arguement with little or no proof whatsoever as to tie this stuff with aliens no.gif

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reward status <-- unclaimed

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is now offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the slayings discovered Sept. 4.

On that morning, residents of the Sanpete County town found eight heads from decapitated cats placed in a line, surrounded by severed cat paws and legs in a circle on top of a grave. The manager of Ephraim's animal shelter said the body parts were arranged in a pentagram.

No arrests have been made, according to Ephraim Police Chief Ron Rasmussen, who suspects people of striking out against owners of the grave rather than a cult.

In either case, PETA spokeswoman Tarina Keene said the organization's goal is to raise the exposure for the case. "Unfortunately, the person or persons are still out there, and we think of them as cowards," Keene said. "It could be a child that's next."

Two hundred animal cruelty cases go unsolved annually, Keene says.

However, Martin said she is hopeful authorities in Ephraim will get a tip. "When it's a case that is not predators, someone always knows something," she said. "That's the one thing we never had in the Avenues case, is any clear human involvement."

PETA originally offered a $1,000 reward in that investigation but was trumped by an $8,500 offer from the Humane Society of the United States, anonymous donors and Salt Lake City police.

PETA's Ephraim reward is on the high end. Most average between $1,500 and $2,500.

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Editorial: Keep Cats Indoors July 13, 2005

....A number of Oak Harbor (Washington State) residents are suspicious that the recent cat deaths, in which several cats have been neatly torn in half, must have been the work of a twisted individual. If so, the police will most likely catch the culprit. But most likely the halved cats are the product of coyotes, whose ability to kill cats is well known. The back half of a cat, one can surmise, is the meatiest part for a hungry predator.

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