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AZ to get federal help fighting human smuggling

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PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) -- Federal authorities have outlined a plan to help Arizona crack down on human smuggling, ease overcrowding in state prisons and increase immigration training for police.

The announcement Monday by the Department of Homeland Security came a week after Gov. Janet Napolitano declared an emergency in four border counties because of problems related to illegal immigration and pledged $1.5 million in state funding to local authorities.

Napolitano's order said the federal government's failure to secure the border allowed a flood of illegal immigration that threatened public health and safety.

Napolitano has accused federal authorities of not reimbursing state and local governments for apprehending, prosecuting and imprisoning illegal immigrants who commit crimes in Arizona.

"I think this is very promising," she said of the letter from Homeland Security. "We're finally seeing some movement... It's finally nice to get something in writing."



Nothing like seeing more good money being thrown away because of loser criminals. no.gif I am glad though that the goverment or at least parts of it are starting to do something about the flood of criminals. thumbsup.gif

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