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New Orleans in for it

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I have to agree the vast majority,black or white are very decent people, But in other threads I do believe some you have commented on,  the majority strive to find a job that pays them 7000 dollars a yr. In the richest and most powerful of nations why is that?  That is well below poverty level, it must be a bit embarrassing now that the rest of the world see's how the rich take care of the poor in the U.S.

Yes, well put... it's shameful. original.gif

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However, that said, they arn't exactly helped by some of the people of New Orleans by their desperate and selfish acts of theft, violence and rape and are probably doing the best they can in the face of such blatent stupidity and wrecklessness.

What really angers! me the most is all the reports of rapes going on in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Who would take advantage of someone suffering. When I hear reports like this I have no problem with the National Guard coming in with a shot to kill order to restore civil order.

there's a time and place for determining who, if anyone, should be blamed.  And that's when everyone is safe

I agree.

Its already sad enough that the national guard can't help out because they're all in Iraq fighting an absolutely pointless war.

It is a shame that the National Guard are over in Iraq fighting for no reason. But the goverment is trying to bring home National Guard Troops from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama to help there family's in the devastated areas.

If Kerry were President, or Clinton the Federal Response would have not been any quicker...longer most likely.

President Bill Clinton administration has been through floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes that all left devastation in it's path. In everyone of those natural disasters the Federal government has been swift to respond. Giving emergency humanity services to people and places in need.

In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina President George W. Bush administration has been slow to respond. Waiting four days just to get a coroneted National Guard Troops on the ground to help with humanity aid and services. President George W. Bush said himself that the Federal goverment response has been unacceptable.

Bush's administration is not the Federal Government...they are just currently in charge of the Federal Government

Your point is?

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