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The British Conservative Party

Mr Ed

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As you may know, the Tories are battling it out at the moment, for leadership.

I was wondering what all of you thought the outcome would be, and who you want to win.

Unfortunately, I think that David Davis will win, but I would like Ken Clarke to.

I don't see Ken Clarke being chosen by the Tories, a bit too left wing for their tastes...

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There still is one? I thought it was an exotic, extinct beast like the dodo or Megalodon.

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Well, we can only hope.

It isn't as if they are going to get back in power anyway. Especially if Blair resigns and Brown takes over. Well that will happen.

Actually, hopefully they will choose David Davis, he is so right wing that there will be absolutely no chance of them getting in.

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This seems to be dead, but just incase anyone missed this sintillating topic, Ken Clarke's popularity with the public has shot up since he said that he would be running for the Tory leadership.

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