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'Grace' Mission Reveals Earth Gravity Map

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news iconIt is a map the like of which you have probably never seen before. The sweep of colours shows minute variations in the Earth's gravitational field.

If you were to fly over the red areas, you would be tugged ever so slightly downwards; the blues mark regions where the planet's attraction is much weaker.

news icon View: Full Article | Source: BBC News

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I'm still getting over that little shock with nessie earlier , it's hard having people tear apart your favorite mysteries . sad.gif

Any way did any body notice the deep blue patch over the Bermuda triangle ... huh.gif another childhood favorite original.gif

Are you dieting Homer ? huh.gif

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Kismit - reading the article it mentions that the gravity fields above the oceans isn't stactic, so it'll be worthwhile seeing what future maps show above the bermuda triangle than going from just one map - hopefully we'll save one favourite mystery.

That said two things: as we learn more about the world around us more and more mysteries will, unfortunately, fall by the wayside. Secondly wasn't it magnetism not gravity that is the chief suspect for the bermuda triangle?

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