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Heard of this guy anyone ?

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Has anyone ever heard of Jozef Rulof ?

He is supposedly one of the best spriritualist mediums EVER !

On that site theres a free e-book which i've downloaded and have nearly finished,in it a spirit called Lantos Dumenche explains his ...death by suicide,Decomposition in the grave (which held him there until decomposition had finished and the cord broke to free him) ,entry to the spirit world ,reincarnation and ascension to the higher spirit spheres.

To me the book is well written ...if anything it reads like a thriller/Horror which causes me to have my doubts although in fairness though there are a lot of horror cliches in the book i suppose at the time they would not have been cliches (if you catch my drift grin2.gif ) ....I've done some searches on Rulof but most sites about him are in Dutch ...he died in 1938 btw.

Anyways is there anyone out there who has done any research on this guy and what credibility would you attach to him....Thanks

By The Way...the books a good read and it's FREE thumbsup.gif

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